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    Are you sure, Oscan? I was assuming that if you have the infinite version you’d be able to upgrade them freely (assuming you have the rest of the cost, obviously), do you have the infinite version of those others and can verify that?

    Golden chests are kinda hard to find sometimes. For instance, I had one spawn behind the starting square of my castle that I only found because I was trying to build a road there. Would it possible to add some kind of effect to make chests more visible? The light pillar effect that happens when a good is produced would be a good thing to add to the chest. Kind of like a beacon pointing the chest out.



    I have infinite catapults.



    that explains it, then.

    Daniel. I see there’ve been changes to trading. Is it intended to be this profitable now? It’s more profitable now than it was before. Right now, I’m giving me neighbor three gems worth 45 each. With them they’re making 3 rings from their own gems worth 40 each. (I don’t know if this effects it, but my rings are lvl 3 worth 210) My neighbor’s gems are also lvl 3. Now for the income.

    I’m getting 672 trade income for the rings. My neighbor is getting 669 + 537 off of trade for a total of 1206 for making three rings. That’s almost double what the shop says three rings are worth. This is definitely good trade incentive, but is it intended to be this much, especially since gems must be traded to be combined. If it’s intended to be this much, it’ll definitely change how the game is played (I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just saying it’s a thing) as trading will be the way to get ahead and bring a very cooperative feel to the game.

    Also, as I’m sure you’re probably aware, there is no bonus for the person selling an item if the receiver doesn’t combine it with anything. So if i pass my neighbor anything, and they sell it, they don’t get a bonus. If this is intended, then this functionality should be changed at least for towers. As one person may not be able to reach a tower, but can deliver a good to their border. At this point the person with the tower in their territory has a choice of whether to make their own and deliver it (if it’s simple) or take their neighbor’s and deliver it and gain nothing for themselves (other than helping complete the map). It’s a small difference, but one that makes the game feel more or less cooperative, depending on which mechanism is in place.

    edit: also the trade breakdown showing what trade bonus coming from what is an awesome improvement.

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    @daniel I’m curious to see what strategies people adopt. I could see some players specializing in a money earning path while also working on shortening paths that are common for their favorite bosses.

    (echoing @qonen‘s points) I too love to optimise, but it’s so hard to visualise the dependencies and consequences right now, I’m scared to do anything other than minor upgrades to paths I’m using a lot, e.g. stone rings.

    case in point: I can nearly afford the L5 stone rings upgrade. the extra cash looks very tempting, and glass doesn’t seem too hard to make as an early item, BUT it could backfire if I get an unlucky start (say limited water or trees), leaving me worse off than before. the upgrade is permanent AFAIK, so I don’t know if I want to take the risk. also I’m not sure if I’ve taken all other possibilities into account



    I can understand minor upgrades that don’t do anything on their own but just get you towards the next one, but major upgrades that do nothing seem kinda rude. Here I’m looking at L5 Barrel.

    Looking at the upgrade tree for Barrel, it looks like it was meant to boost from 12 to 13 at level 5 instead of (iirc) 2?



    What you get depends on what you are crafting. Each unique recipe you craft gives you a chance of getting that golden good.

    So, if I only craft one Metal Ingot, does that give me the same probability as if I was crafting four Metal Ingots?



    That’s how I understand it. Just read the post here.

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