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    No, I’ve specifically checked with my wife. Neither of us can see chests that have spawned for the other, even when they show up outside our borders.



    ok, thx



    Ok, got two more questions. First is connected to golden chests. Is player required only to produce given good to get golden version for upgrade, or is is necessary for player to deliver it to his palace(aka gain profit from selling that good).

    Second one is concerning upgraded item combining. Ill go straight to an example: If player upgrades his Spices to lvl 5, he will be earning 79 gold from each Spice. Now if he wants to make Curry, he has to combine 2 Bricks and 3 Spices on lvl 0 to get 205 gold. Now if you take in consideration that let’s say player has bricks on lvl 1, thus gaining 22 gold from each, if you do simple math, you will see that 3x Spices and 2x bricks is worth(281) more than the Curry(205) he wants to make. Is the income from Curry(or any other good in fact) altered by the money player get’s from certain goods that have been trained? So in this example would Curry be worth like 300 gold(just a random number, point is Curry would be more worth than 3x Spices and 2x Bricks), to match the higher value of trained Spice, or will it’s price stay the same?



    You don’t need to deliver a good currently in order to get a chance at earning its golden good. You do need to craft at least one.

    A curry made of level 5 spice and level 1 brick will be worth more than a Curry made of Level 1 spice. Like right now I have spice leveled up to L3 and my curry is worth 248. The multiplier on the L1 curry recipe is 1.2 so it should be worth 20% more than if you sell the individual ingredients.

    There is a bug where if you upgrade a shoppe, we don’t upgrade the shoppes already placed in the world. For the moment, the work around is removing and replacing the shoppes. That’s fixed and should be included in the next build we upload.



    A question on upgrades:

    I just looked at the major upgrade for the Fire Necklace: it gets more complex and becomes worth less. Is this correct?



    Oh and one more, I just realized I wasn’t sure. Is good crafted after it has appeared in shoppe, or is it considered crafted after it is picked up?



    It’s supposed to be an easier recipe — instead of first assembling the flour and chili into a fire bread, you can take them directly to the fire necklace shoppe. The subsequent major upgrades then break the chili and flour down further (and the recipe value goes down correspondingly).



    I’m not sure how I feel about about recipes taking more resources to build as they level up. On the one hand it’s obviously good that they increase in value. On the other, it can stifle income growth depending on starting resources. Say I really want to build ore. At lvl 4, ore makes 55 gold and takes one stone and one wood. At lvl 5, however, it makes 82 gold and costs one stone and 4 wood. Obviously this is a specific example and I could probably make something else to turn a profit.

    So if I only have 4 wood available, and and an abundance of stone. With lvl 4 I’m making 220 gold and with lvl 5 I’m making 164. Now obviously this is a very specific circumstance.

    What if I’m in the middle of the map trying to complete something for a tower and need an ore and there aren’t multiple trees nearby (multiple sets of two, that is, as they appear to always spawn in groups of two now)? If I’d never leveled up my ore I could make an ore with just one tree. At this point I’m not caring about profit and am simply trying to make <some complicated recipe> and one tree for something else? With leveled up ore I’d have to go out of my way to find a second tree because ore takes two trees at this point.

    I like the idea that someone else posted of being able to decide at what “tier” to produce a good if you have it leveled up enough that it takes extra goods.

    edit: is there a way to delete golden goods that are unwanted? I see my vault filling up with goods that I don’t want to spend skill points on quickly. Or that I can’t upgrade yet because the next tier is lvl 5 and I don’t have the building it wants to increase its level.

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    What’s with the upgrades that don’t seem to do anything? For example, both level 0 and level 1 flour are stone, stone spirits, and sell for 101. Is there any reason to upgrade it?



    @azuckuss I do agree that each upgraded level should do something, but as it is now, in that scenario, the only reason to upgrade would be so you can get to lvl 2 (which I assume does increase its value) and upgrade it further.



    @claudekennilol Oh, OK, thanks.

    It would be nice to see the whole upgrade tree, then. But I guess the recipaedia app will probably take care of that eventually (thanks zarack! :-))

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    Aye, some of the recipes have pay off as you level them up further. The low level goods are tricky to balance because they end up being using a ton of different recipes so small changes can yield big impacts later on down the line.

    In general:
    – You invest in lower tier commonly used shoppes if you want a broad boost across lots of recipes.
    – You invest in higher tier shoppes if you have a favorite build path you want to optimize.

    I’m curious to see what strategies people adopt. I could see some players specializing in a money earning path while also working on shortening paths that are common for their favorite bosses.



    I love to optimize. Sometimes I give great thought to something searching for a small incremental gain. That being said, I haven’t really engaged the new system yet. There are a few reasons:

    1) While it may be possible to specialize a prince, I don’t understand the tree well enough to know what a specialized prince looks like let alone sculpt one. Heck, I can’t even make higher tier goods yet let alone tune them.
    2) Even if a prince can be specialized, I like mixing things up and doing different things. That being said I could imagine sending my heirs in different directions, although most people don’t have multiple princes to plan at that level. inevitably maps will not cooperate, so I can imagine starting a game with Prince qubits and wish that Princess qubits was the local sovereign instead.
    3) Most importantly, my inventory is overflowing and the golden goods have to be spent. Lacking the necessary information to do planning, golden goods tend to go to the prince making the good right now, or the one that has already invested in that recipe. I wonder if redundant items serve a purpose or could (can?) be deleted. For example, I bought unlimited stout towers, so now I have single use stout towers lingering in my inventory.
    4) On a similar note, even if I wanted to specialize a particular way, I can only do so if I have the right goods. Yes I could focus on producing the goods I want to upgrade, but often the map does not cooperate. If I had sufficient knowledge of the trees and sufficient inventory space I might lean toward particular goods, but not now.
    5) Finally, major upgrades scare me. I have yet to perform one, although capable. They seem like they are simultaneously the most powerful yet most dangerous upgrades. If forced into it, I’ll probably shun those that make recipes more complex. Yes that could produce more income, but income can be generated any number of ways. Income doesn’t matter when working on boss items, though, so complex recipes would just create an obstacle. I still hope there will be a way to choose between recipe types. It would make specialization more rewarding.

    I wonder how or if respecs will work. In a week or two I’ll have a moment of clarity where I realize I should have specialized a particular way, but I’ve already spent skill points without a mechanism to change that decision.

    Random idea: I wonder about a trading mechanism for vault items. For example, if I could trade my excess stout towers (or trains!) for golden goods from someone that doesn’t need, then I would have a good way to shape my heirs while helping others with basic items.



    Nicely said, Qonen, I especially agree with you on your 3rd and 5th points.

    About the in game recipedia. I don’t feel it’s as bad as people are making it out to be. Assuming you know what you’re trying to make (I generally know what I’m aiming for), it’s not too bad to traverse. So what I do is this. I know what I’m making, so if it has food in it, I click on the first food icon I see. It doesn’t matter what row (what item it says it’s for), because if I click on the food, itself, it filters the list to show me just what items take just food. From there, I can just traverse down the tree that I’ve already got a mental image of.

    This doesn’t work as well with gem recipes since there are fewer things that take gems. So for gem recipes (namely rings) what I do is find the first complex item that I know has a gem somewhere in the recipe, then I click my way backwards until I get to the basic gem choices.

    While the recipedia could probably be more easily traversable somehow, I find myself using it pretty much the same way as I did the previous (with the one caveat that rings seem harder to find).



    Looks like you my need to hang on to those single use loot drops even if you have the infinites, as they are required for the ‘major’ upgrades (e.g. Level 5).

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