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    I feel ya Ruthka (Silaero in game) I’m sure we’d’ve been able to finish that game tonight, Arianna and I were making nearly 20k a day so I’m sure if we couldn’t’ve done it tonight, we could’ve at least got most of it set up with cranes set up for the neighbors.

    @ Daniel My wife also had the issue. I was able to clear the cache on my browser and it worked (ctrl f5). I don’t know if that or time solved the issue. I’ll have my wife try when she has a moment. To anyone else reading this, since the unity web player will try to eat all of your inputs, do something like click on the address bar before you try to clear your cache. You’ll know it worked (it worked as in the cache was cleared) when the page refreshes.

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    Question about trade: Somebody else is making ring with my gem and I sell it. He gets 200 and I just 81 for trade. Is something change with trade rules?



    Suggestion: A checkbox for “hide locked shopkeepers.”



    How does trading work now?

    I am playing with a friend. He has a Ring shop on his border, and we’re each delivering 3 gems. I pick up the Rings from his shop across the border and deliver them to my castle. He is making full value (750 gold), and I am making roughly a third of the value (271 gold). Previously, we would both earn the full value for this set up.

    Also, his castle shows that he’s delivering the 3x rings and I’m only receiving trade credit.

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    Pardon my terminology, but it’d be nice to see the buffs that are active due to ‘activated’ shrines. This could be shown as a total increase hovering over your palace (similar to trade value), or a list of each in addition to the total.

    Hope that makes sense.



    When I see shrines my instinct is to click on them for information. In fact there’s some information available on mouseover, but clicking hides that information, replacing it with information about the required good.

    Shrines that take two goods seem to only provide information for one of them. If clicking brought up an info page, then that info page could have clickthroughs for both/all goods, same as a recipe page.

    Some of these upgrades are nonobvious: what does the level 5 upgrade to Barrel do? Both sides, it’s 2 Water -> 13-gold Barrel.

    Similarly, the level 1 upgrade to Spirits, etc. has no obvious effect (in the Recipedia, at least).



    The shopkeepers’ pictures in the Recipedia do not match the displayed ones on the map, I assume because their names have not yet been written.

    I like the new improved Pickup-Replace that doesn’t need me to repick the recipe.



    OK, I have been experiencing a bug. I play normally, but after like 2 minutes or so, I can’t place anything down, like torches or roads. I mean, i place them, but they instantly disappear. Only solution is refreshing the game, but than same thing after some time…

    CORRECTION: It appears I can’t place anything on the terrain I just revealed with my torch… I can place things normally inside my territory(one you start with), but when I place torch, everything i place on the ground is refunded back and removed instantly.

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    Are you sure that Bricks and Oak recipes are ok? (Brick=1 Stone, Oak=1 Wood) I have nothing against but it seems odd



    Bread is also 1 Food, so the odd one out is Barrels.

    Regarding recipedia — names do not appear to match pictures on map, but I see now that it’s not (yet) trying to display shopkeepers’ pictures in the Recipedia, just the Heir’s picture and the shopkeeper’s name.



    Update on bug: It seems other players don’t see my torch or that I have expanded with it, but they see I’m getting profit from a gem I revealed with the torch! Also a player claims i have 652 profit, even though it says 612 to me.

    Game link:

    Now I reloaded and everything works fine. For now that is.



    Also I don’t like you took away wooden paths away from players, and that now you need to buy them. That should at least stay a free item.

    I noticed that Shadow earrings bring 20814 gold, but Shadow armor brings 14288 gold, even though it is made out of Shadow earrings and some other items.



    Again regarding shrines and perks, it’s quite confusing that a perk doesn’t take effect until the shrine is ‘activated’. It’s weird, for example, seeing a tree cut down to the stump, then miraculously growing back to life after the shrine is active. And it’s confusing that a good being worth x for half the day, is then +40% for the other half.

    IMO, if the shrine is set to be activated in a leap day, the perks should be available during the entire leap day. Much less confusing that way, and is more in line with the constraints you place on us for defeating the boss (and that all altars have to be lit for the entire leap day, not just a partial).




    @fichom There was a fix to a crash that may have been causing your issue. Good to hear it is working okay.

    Re: Shadow earring and armor. Some recipes are kind of horrible till you level them up. Something we’ll be tuning a bit.



    The latest update broke something major – I can’t remove path without drawing an error:

    Error: Assert: no cost for wo_stone_path for Player 6.
    Method: Void Test (Boolean, System.string)
    Line: 0

    Never mind, you fixed it.

    On another note, it appears that a Shrine of Fine Wood only affects the value of wood, not products made with affected wood. Is this intentional?

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