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    Hi all – anyone interested in helping finish off a LaDuradura game? It’s 9 days in. 2 towers complete, 1 close to complete. The fourth one (porcelain statue) has a long ways to go. Trains are definitely needed if you want to join.
    Let me know and I will send an invite (I have an alias in there at the moment just to keep things moving.)




    You can invite me if you’d like. I’m “crisofer”.

    However, I won’t be around this weekend, but hopefully we can finish it off by then. If not, I can abandon the game for someone else. Up to you.



    I’ll send you an invite.. Thanks

    edit – can’t seem to invite you in crisofer! :( but thanks for the offer

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    I guess since my Jones game isn’t beatable at this point and in my Dark Lorde game I’m just kind of a pawn, feel free to send me an invite too, Master Goat. :)



    Hi Kheldar, Am just in the game – one of the other players suggested a player so we’ll see how that works out.
    Thanks anyway!
    I will be glad to get this game finished! lol



    Hey Kheldar… why is your Jones game unbeatable at this point?

    I’m currently in a LaDuradura game, and it’s also unbeatable at this point, since it’s a 4-player game, and one of the people stopped playing after the first few hours.

    Sucks, considering we need to make shields…

    It’s too bad we can’t kick another player.



    @cris: There are somewhere between just over exactly enough and just under exactly enough food resources on the map to satisfy the 6 Flamingos needed. Even if the math does work out, it’s improbable if not impossible.

    My bug forum post has the game link.

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    Kheldar – I’e sent you an invite – last player didn’t have rails.. :)



    Anyone else want to have a try and see if they think it’s possible? :)



    How’s it going? Did you end up beating it?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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