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    I have a version of the game from steam and use it on my PC running Windows 8.1
    I thought that’s a bit of fun when instead of throwing objects my character randomly moves left and right.
    Is this a feature? I find it a bit frustrating when collecting points carefully ends up when your ranger just gets a bit holeric in the way so it starts running across the room because key press handlers started processing all the queued commands. I would consider this as a feature. Where the lesson is that even when you have a plan of how things will be arranged step by step and then suddenly BOOM you lose control! You know. You start running into one (of three available on the map) red ghosts just to get a bit hurt and stick to that elf lady’s bottoms. Instead of crafting yourself an axe. Sounds like real life indeed.
    However, I think that’s a bug because the same situtation happens even in your own house. You want to pick that lovely americano by pressing space and it freezes and after a few seconds it starts producing random actions like selecting equip or cancel buttons then the character runs across a room and you know. He hasn’t yet broken any vases on his own.
    Am I the only one experiencing such a bug? Me feels a bit Tyler Durdenish. You know. Self-destruction all that evil stuff.


    This certainly isn’t a universal experience, or we would have received more complaints. Also, I played the game myself several times without this problem occurring.

    The last time I can recall a complaint similar to this, I believe we discovered that the player could goof up their movement by accidentally pressing the Alt key while doing other key presses. Please make sure that you’re not accidentally touching extra keys–only the arrow keys and the space bar for moving, the Z key for the Book of Secrets, and X the key to bring up the options menu. (You can optionally use the WASD keys in place of the arrow keys, but the same principle applies: please make sure you aren’t accidentally touching any other keys.)

    Also, please make sure that there is no other way input can come in. I recall that once my game behaved oddly because I had a bunch of junk piled up on my laptop keyboard while I was playing on a USB keyboard–the junk was pressing keys on one keyboard and overriding my commands from the other keyboard. Similarly, if you have any joysticks or controllers attached to your computer, ensure that their sticks/buttons aren’t being pressed. The third possibility I can think of is macros on your keyboard or mouse–please make sure these are disabled when playing Road Not Taken.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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