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    Now I know everyone likes starting a fresh, new game, from the 0! Hey, I like it myself! But still, there are times when sometimes you just have to join a game that has been going on for quite some time. When I join such a game, especially ones that are almost done(1 day away from ending), I feel kind of small and useless, with everyone around me having 4k, 10k, 15k or more profit, yet I have 400, or 800 if I were lucky with resources. But that is not like it just for me. It is for every other player that joins a game late, but wants to help. I had few games where I wouldn’t get a star if a player didn’t join few hours before time limit, and provided me with something “banal”, like a Chair, or few gems. But sometimes you just don’t have enough gold to help in crucial moments.

    So here’s an idea: Why not players start with some extra gold. How much, and when is the time limit to get some extra gold?

    This could be done in 2 ways: Either have a flat extra gold player starts with after certain amount of time has passed in the game, or have them receive extra gold based on how much has passed.

    So for the first way. You could reward players 50% extra starting gold if they joined the game after 50%(or more) time has passed for the first star. So if time limit for first star is 3 days, player get’s extra gold only if they joined at least 36 hours after the start of the game.

    Second way is to give player percentage of time that has passed to the first star. For example, if first star is in 2 days, and player joined after 6 hours, he get’s 12.5% extra gold to start with. and if he joined after a day, he get’s 50% extra gold! Of course, one might think: “Well, someone could join in last moment, get the extra 100% or 99% gold, and not help in getting the star”. So there could simply be a max amount of extra gold player can get. For example, it could be 75%.

    Now probably the best way is to have these 2 systems combined, so have player get extra starting gold % based on how much time has passed in relation to the first star limit, but make him only get the gold after more than 40% time has passed.

    Also, there could be something like extra experience for those last moment game savers, like 10% extra experience if they join after 50% time has passed, but still help in finishing the boss. This will, in my opinion be a nice boost for people to join games even though they did not start on 0, but still won’t be too much of a help for them to be able to dominate game even though they just joined. NOTE: all the numbers I put up there are just random figures that i thought were ok considering how much gold earn in first day of playing.

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