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    I would like to suggest an idea for the more advanced games.


    Fog would cover the map and would be dissipated as people use torches/ or could be time related – amount of time group/individual has been playing/ or based on individual income/group income.

    Fog would allow for slowly revealing assets and the presence of mini bosses and finally the requirements for completing the boss.

    The fog could be added to current maps so doubling the number of maps available. ((Easy maps = no fog, Hardest = all fogged out except for small palace area))

    Another possibility is that your torches would only reveal assets to you so you do not see what others have, communications would be vital in these games.

    And a note on communication . . . it would be so helpful to be able to draw out ideas perhaps using a snapshot of the game map and adding a draw facility to it, so many times you see a way to help but articulating that idea in words is extremely hard, We could use some sort of in game marker pen, laser pointer to draw directly on the map, or on a white board seen in game or as a drop down option like the game progress message.



    This sounds interesting. Maybe phone booths allow players to see a small area around the phone booth. People would have to be strategic with phone booths to show/tell people what they are doing

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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