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    Jim John Marks

    So, I have kept myself on Chapter 2 for over a week now simply because I know if I don’t get the Robot Bear before moving on, I’ll never get it.

    I’ve played the Island Hopper Treasure Event more than a dozen times now and always scored way (WAY) above the rare bear nut level and I pretty much get the Pirate bear every single time.

    The game is becoming dull because I can’t get off Chapter 2 and I’ve played these puzzles for almost two weeks now.

    Is there some trick to getting the Robot bear beyond just a very high score?

    Seriously frustrated at this point.


    Actually, how high you score doesn’t matter, so long as you are finishing the game in the correct tier (in your case, just make sure to earn the Gold Egg). After that, the bear you are awarded is randomly chosen (some bears have a higher chance than others of being awarded, but which one is chosen is random).

    This page shows how to find out which bears are awarded in which tier:

    Note that as of version 01.02.00 (which is already out for Android, and which iOS users will receive as soon as Apple approves our next update), you are able to revisit previous chapters. So if Robot Bear is really frustrating you, consider moving on to Chapter 3 and coming back for Robot Bear at a later time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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