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    Hi Spry. First of all, great game. I was a big fan of Triple Town on my iPad, so I was super-excited to see this as one of my PS+ free games this month!

    Quick question. I occasionally can’t move through certain empty squares while carrying objects, or I can’t seem to throw objects through them. I wasn’t sure if this was a bug, or some effect that I wasn’t aware of. If I put the object down, I can move through the square, no problem. Sometimes I can also do one or the other: squares I can’t walk through (while carrying), I can throw through, and vice-versa.

    Any idea what’s going on here?


    Sounds like an object is in the way of something that you’re carrying. I.e. if you’re holding something above your head and trying to walk to the right, and the space immediately in front of you is clear but the space above that is filled with something, then the object you are holding above your head will prevent you from moving forward.



    Thanks for the quick reply! I’m pretty sure this was out in the open–I’ve been locked down with a picked-up-object like that before. I’ll see if I can’t nab some video of it through the share feature and post it for you to see.


    That would be great, thanks!


    In the Mayor’s room, there are two invisible squares in front of the Mayor that the ranger can pass through but that no other objects can pass through. These are the only squares I can think of that intentionally behave as you described. (These exist so that the ranger always has at least one free spot to which he can teleport and “give up”, even if you fill the rest of the room with stuff.)

    (For what it’s worth, we did once observe that one of those two squares was located in a different spot in the Mayor’s room, but we could never figure out how this happened. If anyone can figure out what the secret is, please let us know so that we can fix it.)



    Scott — thanks! That’s exactly what happened. I just came back to this post to share a video of it happening again–I totally didn’t realize that it keeps happening in the same screen/spot.

    Just for giggles (or reference?) here’s the clip:

    So I’ll just avoid those squares from now on.

    Thanks again for the great game, guys! I’m totally addicted to it on my PS4 so far…


    >> Just for giggles (or reference?) here’s the clip:

    Yup, those are the correct two squares. Thanks for the video clip!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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