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    Welcome to Leap Day! If you’re a new player, the text and images below provide a basic overview of the game. Answers to some commonly-asked questions are provided further down in the post, so if you don’t need the overview feel free to skip to the Q&A. :-)

    Leap Day is a cooperative multiplayer game. You and up to 7 other people collaborate to harvest resources, craft items, and destroy an Ice Fortress to save the resident Flan from an impending winter. In the screenshot below, Mr. Sophisto is the owner of this particular Ice Fortress and the primary enemy in this particular match.

    When you initially arrive in the land, you will see your “Flan Prince” atop his palace in a small clearing surrounded by snow and ice. Around the edges of the map you’ll see the names of other players who are playing in the same match you are, and you can click their names to view their palaces if you so desire. Also at the edge of the map is a timer counting down the amount of time you have left to defeat the boss.

    To destroy the Ice Fortress and save the Flan, you must deliver certain goods to the Ice Altars near the boss. However, creating and delivering the goods often requires more gold than you and the other players start out with. To increase your gold reserves, you and the other players must build up towns in which workers harvest resources and deliver them to your palaces. Goods delivered to the palace generate gold which can be used for further town development.

    The in-game world undergoes numerous day and night cycles called Leap Days. Each Leap Day lasts about 98 seconds. During the daytime, the town’s workers execute their tasks and (we hope) earn gold for the town. During the nighttime, no work is done and basically the workers and resources reset so they can execute the exact same activities the following Leap Day.

    A game of Leap Day is played over 4 real days (96 hours), but you’re not expected to be playing for the entire time. What you should do is log in at various times during those 4 days, modify your town to increase its economic production, then log off and go do something else for a while. Your town will continue to generate gold even though you’ve logged off, and when you return you’ll have more gold with which to improve your town. Ideally, by the end of the 4th real day, you and the other players will have generated enough gold that you can deliver the requisite goods to the Ice Altars, destroying the Ice Fortress and saving the land.

    For a MUCH more detailed introduction to Leap Day replete with strategy tips and other helpful advice, please visit our support site FAQ for Leap Day.


    Q: Can I leave the game and come back to it later? Or do I have to be logged in to earn gold?

    You can leave the game and come back anytime! Your little flan keep working away, earning gold for you while you’re gone. Just be sure to check back every now and again to spend what you’ve earned, increase your earnings, and ultimately beat the ice fortress with your fellow players!

    Q: Is there a way to invite my friends to play in the same map as me? And how do I talk to other players, in general?

    It is not currently possible to invite your friends to play Leap Day with you. Leap Day is a game (in part) about learning to cooperate with strangers. We will eventually implement ways for you to bring at least one or two friends into a map with you.

    To communicate with your fellow players, use the phone booth item in your inventory (place it in the world, then click on it and enter text into it. Other players will notice that it is ringing and will hopefully write back to you!

    Q: I see that other players have railroads and larger factories than I have. Do I need to buy that stuff???

    No, you don’t! Anything you might need to defeat a harder ice fortress, which includes railroads and large factories, is completely free in this game. At present, you are given railroads for free after your first game. You are given a large factory for free after your second game. This happens whether or not you win those games, so don’t worry.

    In general, we promise that we’re trying to make Leap Day fun for everybody, even people who can’t afford to pay to play it. Spending money might make some things a bit more convenient, and might give you access to a wider variety of interesting objects, but it will never be a requirement to beating a boss or playing the game in general.

    Q: What can I get in booster packs?

    At present, most of the items you can get in booster packs are “totems.” Totems can be placed in the world, just like other objects, and generally boost the production of a resource nearby (for example, letting you harvest five stone from a resource instead of just four stone.) Some totems are more powerful and/or have a wider area of effect than others. We’ll soon start adding new building blocks as possible rewards to the booster packs as well (such as Flan houses that emit two worker Flan instead of just one, and entirely new ways of moving things around, like rivers and rafts.) As noted previously, nothing that is a requirement to beat a boss in the game will ever cost money. Additionally, when we add ultra-rare and legendary items to the game, these will not be available in booster packs; the only way to get those will be to beat bosses.

    Q: I see mini-bosses that need to be unlocked with an ice key. What’s that?

    Ice keys are a reward that you can receive from defeating bosses. We may sell these keys at some point as well in order to help cover the cost of the hosting and developing the game. This does not apply to the main boss of the map (which is the only boss you must beat in order to win) — those never come “locked.”

    Q: How do I beat the other players? Is there a leaderboard?

    Leap Day is a 100% cooperative game. When it comes to staving off winter, it’s all-for-one and one-for-all! There are no leaderboards. There is no “1st place finish” and “2nd place finish.” You beat the boss together or you don’t, and you reap the rewards of beating the boss or you don’t!

    Q: I want to experiment with my setup, but I’m afraid to delete all my work if the experiment fails. Can I “save” my layout somehow?

    At present there is no way to save your layout. Offering this functionality is actually harder than it seems because of the way players’ layouts can interact with each other (i.e. someone might put a fire tower in your old territory while you’re rebuilding.) So you’re just going to have to tear it up! This seems scary at first but trust us when we say that eventually it becomes second nature to you and even fun. :-) And if you’re really worried, just take a screenshot of your layout before you destroy it.



    Just new here and thanks for quick guide, I think I am going to like the game as my kids too, this is completely like a physics games that I and my son always plays online. Surely we will enjoy much with this.


    @dunhillmartin2014 Thanks for the post! Unfortunately we took down Leap Day last month because it wasn’t doing so well financially. We are, however, working on a new game that is a “spiritual successor” to Leap Day. We’re still in the very early Alpha Test stage with the new game, though. The bottom of this page will let you sign up for our newsletter or give you the links for following us on Facebook / Twitter / RSS so you can stay abreast of any news related to the new game.



    I haven’t tried this game yet, but looks awesome to play and for sure my son that loves game like this will much have interest to it. He was actually playing physics games and other mind games at games for girls site, and hopefully those game should be featured in any game site.


    @kristidavidson That’s great to hear! I hope your son will enjoy the “spiritual successor” to Leap Day when it is released. (It will be a while, though. Please follow us on Facebook / Twitter / RSS or sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of any news related to the new game.)

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