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    Road Not Taken is a roguelike puzzle game about surviving life’s surprises. You play as a ranger adventuring through an unforgiving forest, and you are blessed with the magical ability to levitate and throw objects.

    This guide will introduce you to the basic gameplay mechanics of Road Not Taken. If you already know the basics, skip to the end for some more advanced tips!

    1. The basics: throwing stuff

    Meet the avatar of Road Not Taken (that’s you.) You possess a magical staff with the ability to throw objects across rooms.

    With a press of a button, you can levitate an object. Press the same button to toss that object away from you.

    You can simultaneously lift all of the objects that are adjacent to your body (i.e. up to 4.)
    Note: There is no way to selectively lift one adjacent object but not others. Be careful, lest you accidentally pick up things you didn’t want to!

    Each object you are carrying will fly away from your body when tossed.
    Note: There is no way to modify the direction that objects will fly when tossed. They always fly in the direction opposite your body!


    2. The basics: opening doors

    Doorways in the forest are marked with a designated “key object.” Match the indicated number of key objects to open a door.


    3. The basics: preserving energy (lift with your staff, not with your legs)

    You have a limited amount of energy. When you carry around objects, you drain your energy.

    Using the staff requires NO energy. So pick up and launch objects into position rather than carrying them!


    4. The basics: teleporting!

    Don’t forget that anytime you want, for zero energy, you can teleport yourself back to the mayor!

    Tip: beginners tend to use this ability only when they get completely stuck, but advanced players will use it to avoid enemies, to approach difficult rooms from a new angle, and to avoid walking through blizzard rooms! Learn to treat teleportation like the amazing resource that it is.


    5. Building a fire

    You can build a fire by combining 2 logs. Logs can sometimes be found in the forest, or you can chop down trees with an axe to create a log.

    Combine 3 fire spirits to create a magical axe.

    (There are other, more unusual ways to make logs as well; you’ll have to discover these magical recipes yourself!)

    A fire has many uses. For instance…


    6. Making food

    Fire can be used to cook food, among other things! Food replenishes your energy.

    Place certain animals next to a fire (like pigs, or tasty raccoons), and BAM! Instant meal.


    7. Fires and warmth

    A fire eliminates the energy penalty that you pay when you carry objects! (Or reduces the penalty during blizzard conditions.)

    Few things are more useful than a fire in a cluttered room that you know is going to require a lot of carrying.


    8. Advanced tips: crafting!

    In Road Not Taken, there are many, many secret items that you can craft. Many are helpful; a few can be harmful in the wrong situation.

    As mentioned earlier, combining 3 fire spirits creates a magical axe. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can create other tools. You can create magic potions. You can even summon the spirits of lost children and bring them peace. You’ll have to experiment to learn all these recipes, or learn them from townsfolk as you level up your relationship with them.

    One particularly useful tool in crafting is the Ancient Mortar.

    Ancient Mortars are commonly found in the forest. They are a powerful catalyst and are the key to many (but by no means all) useful recipes.

    For instance, if you put a lone spirit next to an Ancient Mortar, it becomes a lifting potion.

    You can use these potions by throwing them at the other objects. Potions can be used on almost anything! (Below, the Avatar has picked up a sign, which is normally immune to your powers of levitation.)

    Ancient Mortars aren’t just for making potions. If, for example, you were to hit a gruesome angry ghost with an Ancient Mortar, you might be rewarded with a delicious Angry Ghost Stew!


    9. Bonus tip: Getting objects out of a corner

    New players often struggle with moving objects out of corners in a room. If you get an object stuck in a corner, just move it over one square and get behind it! (In the picture below, the player has carried the tree up one square, then moved below it. The tree can now be thrown upwards.)

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