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    This is merely a list with notes as far as I could figure things out. Make of it what you will ;)

    1) Lobby buttons:

    – The Audio toggle is gone (musical note icon)
    – The forum button is gone
    – There seems to be one more button missing, but I already can’t remember what it was :(

    2) The little beta flan in the bottom right corner is gone.

    3) Options menu in the lobby

    – Tabs are gone
    – A “Hide” button has been added to close the window
    – The window can also be closed by clicking on the menu button again

    4) Options menu ingame

    – Same as lobby + button to copy the observe link (a requested feature as far as I remember)

    5) “Home” button ingame

    – Does now NOT take you right back to the lobby but opens the below window
    – “Abandon game” feature has been moved here from the report

    6) And the biggest change: Chat

    – Telephones are GONE
    – The display window of phones in current games can still be opened, but anything that has been said there looks borked
    – You can still type things and hit send, but the phone window will no longer be updated
    – Chat button has been added in the top right menu
    – This chat contains the previous phone locations in coordinates. If you click on them, you will be taken to the location with an arrow pointing at the specific tile
    – Copy and Paste is now possible in the input area
    – Forum button has been moved here
    – New button: “Ping world location”. How does it work? You click the button, then you click a tile. The coordinates will be added as a clickable link in chat. If someone else now clicks on this link, they will be taken to the location with an arrow pointing at the specific tile
    – Clear chat is gone as well, so with not being able to pick up a phone/remove a specific convo, it looks like everything said will be in the entire group forever now
    – I haven’t yet gotten anyone to talk to me via this chat so there might be stuff I missed; also don’t yet know how confusing it may get if two pairs of players are trying to hold individual conversations at the same time




    Thanks for the post. We’ll be turning off functionality on the booths shortly and we appreciate any feedback. We do lose a type of filtering with this but can probably add that in a more explicit way as we move forward.




    With phone booths gone, there is no longer a way to draw someone’s attention to the chat. People who don’t notice the button to open up chat will never see your pleas to change/fix something and there’s no other way to emphasize it aside from drawing words on the map w/ roads…



    The button does flash though when something is going on in chat, so hopefully not too many people will ignore it.

    Thanks for the info on booths, colemanpants. People have been asking for chat changes forever so hopefully some more will leave their thoughts about it. I find it relatively easy to imagine this interface being built upon in the future.



    Perhaps some single-player whisper / conversation functionality could exist, integrated right into the chat box?

    “@<playername> <msg>”


    “/w <playername> <msg>”

    …to borrow some common idioms.



    Chat doesn’t work once the game is won. No more post-game congratulations, etc.



    And, the button does flash, but there’s no longer any way to ping someone’s map where they’re editing (and you know they’re currently looking) to bring to attention a detail.



    Zerack: Good thought on whisper mode et al.

    Kheldar: Good point on no post-game chat. We’ll fix that up. As to the ping, we can enhance the actual ping to also show up when first placed so they’ll see it.

    Thanks much.




    We’ve used it a bit so far in our game, and we’re already getting a bit confused with different conversations happening in the same window

    I’ve also missed a few messages since i didn’t notice that my chat button was flashing.



    A quick suggestion: Add an optional “chirp” to the chat. Anybody who’s used an Instant Messenger or Facebook knows what I mean; when something new happens, you hear a noise. It should be something that can be turned off in the options menu, but for people who want to know when they’re being paged…



    @dornbeast: Good thought. Working on another system at the moment but we’ll accumulate these ideas and make another polish pass shortly.




    If you do a chat message sound, could you please put it on another toggle besides the current sound & music toggles? I generally play w/o sound, but would want chat noises to be on most of the time.



    @kheldar: Sure thing!



    It’d be nice if I could find out the coordinates of a spot outside of chat. I often play with friends on a separate IM, and would love to be able to find out and send them coordinates like 91, 45 without making a chat entry.

    Maybe when i ping world location, it would show the coordinates somewhere convenient?



    Or, when you ping a location, just have it appear in your chat text box instead of automatically creating an automatic chat message. This is a bit annoying as it is now, as you need 2 separate messages, instead of something like “Try placing another train station at location 91,45”

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