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    I’m finished with this stupid game. I could manage all the changes, just about, and the stupid museums that don’t work and just get in the way and the fact that some people are jerks and cut you off completely.

    But I cannot handle being picked on again and again. Usually by the same damn a——s.

    You know, people need sleep. I need a lot of sleep and I struggle to get up in the morning cause of my anxiety and then I do, and I come on line and find my towers gone and paths frozen. Again.

    I don’t need this.

    Thanks Spry Fox. It was fun. For a bit.



    Less players playing the game who claim an entire mini-boss and do nothing to solve the towers therein is a good thing. Bon voyage.



    Withut more detail, I’m inclined to agree with Kheldar on this. I’ve literally never seen a torch destroyed except when someone was blocking access to something and the other players were tired of sitting around waiting for them. The solution really is to build in hooks so the other players can deliver without voting down your torches. Just building a loop connected to the claimed altar(s) should be enough, since your neighbors can now crane over the appropriate good and still complete the boss.

    Before option to destroy towers was built in, people would rush to claim minibosses/etc then just sit and block them for literally days. It the way was quite possibly the most irritating thing in the game, and if you’re upset about that sort of behavior being punished, it’s for the best that you either change your ways or just leave.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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