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    So I’ve seen in several places that the devs (Dan in at least one post and from one dev in game that was almost verbatim what Dan had posted) expect few people to buy all of the available buildings, that they expect a few more to buy $10-$20 worth of “stuff” (extra heirs, crowns, buildings, what-have-you). At the current pricing model, 20 bucks barely nets you 2-3 of the 10ish buildings (and that’s not including extra heirs). I mentioned before that there’s no way I’m going to pay more for this than for Skyrim (and yeah, I know, they’re a big studio, have lots of previous games to lean on, and have lots of lore to build off of and obviously they’re different games) to which the response was that you guys hope to evolve this game over the years. To that, in and of itself, I have no problem. But if you’re not expecting me (or any other average user) to every pay you more than $20, why wouldn’t you want to entice me with a one time fee of forty bucks for all the buildings and an extra prince? Basically, if you don’t expect me to pay that much, then what’s the harm in asking for it? If more is available to me, I might get “burned out” quicker–but if the choices are giving you $20 and playing for a year and giving you $40 and playing for half a year, then it’s pretty obvious which one nets you more money.

    At that point, crowns gained would be pretty useless, but currently I’m not getting any crowns anyway so once that changes this might be a moot argument. Also, I still say it’s not fair that users that played longer had enough crowns to buy half the unlimited buildings from the crowns they earned before the update. It’s been nearly a month now–if we’re supposed to be able earn crowns to be able to buy these unlimited buildings, then it’s high time you start letting us do so.

    -Prince Silaero

    edit: Maybe you don’t see forty as enough, and from the way things are currently priced I’m guessing that’s how you see it. But if you’re not expecting anything from most users, I still say you should entice them with it.

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