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    Please do not say “use fox as well” All I have are gold units and Knights are not working.



    knights are too slow to be of use imo. You need front row wounding, preferably a Lans or Payne out on turn 2. Hold out until you can get a rune/spike out & it should be gg.if your army can (lategame) produce >35 atk power easily then you should be able to simply overpower them.

    The most common approach for foxes to counter payne/lans is to wound him with tik/squint, so have an eveylyn ready. on turn 3, if possible. (or rosie)



    Thanks. I miss some of those cards, but will do my best. Seems that I face swarms of foxes that do 23+ atk on round 3.



    And the fox on a stick is free unit right ? Also the root with 2 atk ?



    Not 100% sure what you mean by fox with stick, but rowa (the root), & Ozzle (fox wisp) are both free, fragile units, yes. As for the 23+ atk power on turn 3, that’s a typical tier 1 rush offense. A perfect rush should be able to win within 4 turns, usually 5, if the opponent doesn’t resist. That’s a nice benchmark to aim for.



    yeah, I probably meant oozle. I do not have it in my collection, so I could not recall the name.



    I’m about 50/50 against Fox decks.

    The key seems to be to survive until I get out my heavy hitters, whether that’s Arthur + some knights, or Spike + some damagers, or Blight, accompanied by at least one healer to keep the heavy hitters healed from being regularly wounded by Tik (or even Squint or Abbie if it’s Blight). Then I just do more damage than the foxes do, if it’s Arthur, or I wound away the foxes if it’s Spike, or a little of each if it’s Blight. That is the foxes weakness, that they don’t actually do very much damage, at most 6 per Flyt, and 3 per Tik or Ozzle, so they generally do less than 20 damage max, while 2 Blights is 26, or an Arthur behind 4 knights is 28. And none of those 3 Fox deck staples have any defense, so a well placed Spike can take out 4 of them in one swoop, 3 of them before they swing.

    Of course the foxes come out much faster than Blight or Arthur, so sometimes can just kill me early; and a well placed Abbie can defend against Spike fine, and if they can wound my healer at the same time as they wound my heavy, they can often win the very next turn; so it is a real contest.

    My own Fox deck wins about 85% of the time, and again, when it loses, it’s to someone who gets healers plus heavy hitters out before I completely destroy them.

    If all you have are gold, then you want Arthur and Knights (or Spike; not both, they don’t work very well together for obvious reasons), and probably two healers and a fair number of cheap gold producers to afford the Arthur as fast as possible. Season with some cheap gold wounders to just slow down the foxes a bit: Durants and/or Dominos. Foxes is the one deck against which Domino is as good or even better than Durant, since Foxes doesn’t have much of a rear line for Durant to shoot at. Hang on until you get your bruiser, keep him healed, and you have a chance. Not an automatic win, by any means; by the time you can afford Arthur you’ll be down at fairly low life; but a chance.

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