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    I thought I would share how I think players are beating the 30mn limit on the high score table for a game of triple town on the standard board. You will see an example of my score in my profile picture of 87mn but I stopped when I realised there was a cap on the high score table. The strategy is simple to follow for a player of average level of skills, and much easier than trying to build lots of golden castles.

    The strategy is as follows: only build up to mansions, never higher, and use bots to destroy once created. This leaves the problem of ninja bears as you will be using most of your bots to destroy mansions. When you have 4 or more ninja bears and the board is very tidy (ie perhaps just one mansion and no churches etc) then start the process of filling the screen with bears. Make sure there is only on big area and build round the sides. To begin keep trying to build trees, huts etc until the board is too full to make this possible. Then start filling in from edges, a good pattern is grass, bush, grass, bush and so on. I also make frequent use of undos to make the bears and ninjas move where I want them.

    I think this strategy is against the spirit of triple town and think spry need to adjust the scoring so this is not possible. The easiest solution is to add a penal score for destroying any object, 10 times the current level for example. The other is to make the final score a simple addition of what is left on the final board – it would mean it wouldn’t matter how you got there which I quite like as well. Interested to hear peoples thought on both the strategy and how to stop it working.


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