How Much Total Bounty To Get To Lvl 50?

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    How much bounty does it take to get to level 50? I have yet to do it and haven’t paid too much attention to how much bounty each level takes so I was wondering if anyone has already marked this down.

    Also, interested at what level you get free cards. Haven’t had the time to grind out to 50 yet so I’d be interested what levels I get some rewards.



    Lvl 50 = 400,000 (unless it changed in v0.98)

    You get cards at various levels, maybe 10/20/30/40? Not exactly sure, someone else will know.



    There are 6 free cards total per week. I think one of them is at rank 24.



    i got an uncommon at 50. maybe an uncommon at 42. i don’t remember. the rest were commons for sure.



    So if it takes 400,000 to get to level 50, do we go up a level every 8,000 bounty or do lower levels require less and it goes up from there? I know its not that important but interested.



    Lower levels require less. I think it eventually reaches a point where all ranks require the same amount of points for a rank up.



    it gets up to 15kish to hit rank 50 from rank 49 if i remember correctly.



    For me I had to get 500k this week. When I hit level 50 I got a Crystal Uncommon (I don’t remember the name but it was the 5 atk, 1 fireball) card.



    check out this post on rewards and associated levels –

    I’m sure its variable but it gives you a general idea.



    last week (26.03.2013) : 550.000 Bounty to get level 50



    this week april 25-may 2nd it was 650k



    Thanks sirjacks!

    I’m at 42 now, still got quite a bit to go, probably going to miss it again this week :P Close than I was before though!



    Looks to be the same for this week, should be easier if you got to 42 last week :)



    I got 40+ this week I think. Getting higher ranks (Rank 50!) is quite hard. I did the math and I have to farm a lot of 20k’s to get it.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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