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    Remi Mirault Serge Oberos Marcellus Anton Gerren Raleigh Barriston Randal
    Covar Tally Jakk Chloe Impe Vyros Dalint Aethon Igmund Ghasper
    Anrick Celina Grey Xamris Finch Kemp Marsh Viath Jias Lynaia
    Ifrim Adrog Abbie Powell Fedor Goose Brodie Sigil Duncan
    Merith Urn Mag




    Awesome job on the database. I have big favor to ask. Is it possible to teach me how to create a database like that as well? or is too complicated? I just wanted to use it for my school assignments/projects, that’s why. It’s filter system would be perfect for what I’m studying which are plants.



    The Highgrounds Matrix is now up-to-date with new units and balance changes.
    Sorry for this very very late update. And thanks to wistijohnston and Raijinili for the units pictures, that’s awesome.
    I’m missing some units pics :
    – v1.38~39 : Ozzle, Tagon, Pomis, Ryun
    – v1.53 : Midras, Jeremiah, Laginn, Vago, Flip, Pency
    I hope I didn’t forget any unit from any recent update : Highgrounds Matrix

    Thanks! The visual effect when sorting cards is a javascript plugin called QuickSand. Concerning the database, it can be quite complicated, you’d have to learn mysql and server-side language.



    Units can now be filtered by game version : v1.53, v1.40, etc



    @pyeontae there are a few balance changes you’ve missed, like anrick’s cost, & Abbie’s transform. Duig also no longer produces wood @ the back.



    @impronoucabl Thanks I missed the balance changes from v1.45. It should be all ok now.



    Thanks again! This site is so absolutely helpful.

Viewing 8 posts - 76 through 83 (of 83 total)

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