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    Thx guys, all the units and pics are up-to-date now.



    Something is wrong. This is how it looks at the moment:

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    A bug due to the cache probably. You may have to do CTRL+F5.



    Mini Update :
    – Added cities to decks.
    Units list sorted by creation date (same as in-game), for easy check of your units.



    1. Sorting decks based on cost (gold, crystal, wood, hybrid)? I think this would be for the best.
    2. I might want to write functions for you to do deck analysis (first turn draw, max attack, second turn draw, max produce…). Any hints on the data structures? Let’s say the function takes in a list of cards and returns a string like “56% chance of drawing a producer on the first turn”. Also “(span class=’deckwarning’)Take out the following: Groff, Rucke, Harum.(/span)”



    Thank you SO MUCH for the creation date sort.



    Gaeis and Trathor have their images swapped.



    Here are the newly introduced units:


    Hope that helps with updating the list. :)




    If pyeontae is still alive, he needs the images from the bottom row.



    when are you gonna add new units?



    Non-updated units :(

    This is why we need automation. They did release the game data, but last update is two months old: https://github.com/highgrounds/HighgroundsAssets
    I also already wrote a script that converts it into a website usable json structure: https://github.com/highgrounds/HighgroundsAssets/pull/1

    All we need is for highgrounds to update the data whenever they launch, then set up a web hook that builds the data staticly to gh-pages or similar, where we could then all fetch it from. That way no community individual would have to manually update unit data and could focus on improving the tools instead.



    Couldn’t someone just take the unit info from the new version thread and format it to look like the game data?

    <CARD g="0" c="0" w="0" name="Ozzle" rarity="0" id="card0000153">
    <ACTION location="battle" type="foxPack" value="1"></ACTION>
    <ACTION location="battle" type="frail" value="-1000"></ACTION>
    <ACTION location="home" type="wood" value="1"></ACTION>



    Sure, but then it wouldn’t be automatic.



    Hey guys, sorry I’m abroad now and I might not be able to update the Highgrounds Matrix for a while (until 25th of september).
    It indeed is pity that we can’t use any automation.



    I actually succeed to add the 4 new units and changes for v1.38/39.
    Missing pics and Anubis class filter will be added after 25th September.
    Dont forget to do CTRL+F5 to get right pics at right place.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 83 total)

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