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    – Includes new units and balance changed from V1.25
    – New class filter : Spirit



    Syl’s discard is listed as 6 instead of 8.



    Thx Raijinili, it’s updated :)

    UPDATE :
    – Added 3 tabs to filter the units : Gold+Crystal, Gold+Wood, Crystal+Wood
    – You can enter your IGN in your Profile
    – Some interface changes here and there.



    Thanks Pyeontae! Here is FLYT, since I saw you did not put his picture:



    all new units

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    oh, and u missing Cast in spearhead ability



    Thanks Goly and XeniX !

    Cast has the spearhead ability, but it seems sometimes after clicking on several filters consecutively, one unit go missing.



    The page that shows pre-assembled decks gives the wrong percentage where it shows how many of the needed pieces you have.

    This is a great tool by the way, love how it’s been coming along.



    @soctopus1 Thanks for your feedback :)

    The percentage should now be accurate.



    The feature I’d like is an option to sort the units in the order they appear in in the unit list (roughly the order they were added to the game), for quick & easy checking that my unit list matches what I’ve got recorded.



    Also you still have the old graphic for Loom, which should be easily fixed.



    new units!

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    Pyeontae, using a vehicle database for something like this is what I consider genius. I use it daily.

    I had a request to help eliminate some confusion regarding some things. Is it possible to add a tick box/tab to explicitly show synergies?

    This would help show that: Arthur is not a knight even though he buffs knights and same logic for Gaeis (golems), Ashara (skeletons), Nevil (spirits), Ool (totems), and potentially with some of the other synergies like acolytes+wizards.



    – Added new pictures for Yuo and Loom.
    – Added new units (without pics yet)

    I will see what I can do for the units order, but actually I think this should change in-game because I just don’t see why it’s been ordered by creation date (that’s only useful for the devs and eventually for the 1 or 2 players who already have all the units)

    Thanks for the pic, unfortunately I can use only the pics in the bottom line. Also if you have the name in the order for each of them that would be very perfect :)

    Hehe the vehicle database is a different website. I was just lazy to buy a specific domain name.
    Your reqest about synergies is very interesting, I will see what I can do. Also needs to add some tooltips explaining each abilities.



    here are the units also i have made a link to your database on kongregate for the kong users

    edit: ohh and if you dont know who is who it goes Taro Gild Lemore Ozgo Mox Caylish

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