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    Maybe for the Classes/Abilities you could sort by type and rarity? Gold common-ultra, Crystal Common-ultra, etc
    also, you dont have raeus.

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    Raeus is there^^
    Yeah it would be nice to be able to cross the types and rarities, I’ll see what I can do.

    NEW UPDATE : Now it’s possible to see only the cards you own, and sort them with all the same filters.



    Pyeontae, i dont have Xane, rest are below

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    Wow! Thanks Goly you are amazing :)



    UPDATE :
    – New top-menu with Gold/Crystal/Forest units, making it possible to sort for example Gold+Attack or Forest+Uncommon.
    – Now contains all the units pictures.
    – Faster Loading.

    I added all my units and find the “My Units” feature pretty useful now to filter my cards in all the ways. This makes me notice how many valuable units I’m still missing to get some great classes combos !!! Unfortunately the Gods of Highgrounds won’t bless me with interesting cards these days (this week’s reward is a 4th arthur …)

    Enjoy :)



    this looks great! One thing i noticed! Bran isn’t under the wolf+hunter tab. Hes a hunter too!



    UPDATE :
    – Corrected some bugs that made some units disappear after selecting a filter. (for example Bran in wolf+hunter or Arthur in knights)
    – New feature : decks creation.
    – New feature : community page for “published” decks.
    – If you have added your units, you can see which units you have and which units you are missing in a “published” deck.

    – It will be possible to export a deck as a picture (to publish on the forum for example)
    – Some stats about owned/missing units, rarity, etc.



    UPDATE :
    – Statistics about owned units, by rarity.
    – Number of units available for craft, by rarity.
    My Units (These statistics are available only if you added some units to your collection)



    If I were to write a deck builder, I’d have the following:
    – Ratio of 1/2 cost producers to 1/2 cost non-producers. Or, chance of drawing playable producer first turn (first draw + two or three other draws).
    – Number of healers
    – Max healing (Cook is just 2).
    – Max production (bah, Crystal can get ten production slots)
    – Maximum advantage (counting Defense+Attack, Bolt as 7, Revenge as “screw that”, Arthur as max(Knights*4,13), Rampage as not doubled (Rampage shouldn’t aim to win in max attack)). There is a lot of complicated choice stuff for this, now that I think about it. Maybe just work in Arthur.
    – Max attack, not counting defense.



    Great work! I noticed, that the 0 cost units aren’t in any top-menu. Think they should either be in all (as they are 0 cost) or in the forest menu.

    Suggestions to the great community page: Possibility to rate the decks and leave comments to the decks.

    Keep on!



    Very interesting, I will see what can be done about all that.

    Thanks ! I added the free units to all 3 gold/crystal/forest menus (that was actually a side-effect bug)
    Rating and comments on decks would be interesting, as well as being able to compare 2 decks.

    Question for everyone, would you rather :
    1) have a login/password to access all your units/decks/rating/comments (you could eventually use a different login if you fear that I know everyone’s units hehe)
    2) keep it as it is now : no login/password, your data is anonymous, but if you remove the cookie or switch to another computer, you wont access your data (I can eventually later add a “backup my units/decks” feature later so that you can save it in a file and import it on another computer)



    3. Account by link? Option 2, except you can ask for a link that lets you carry your account in the link. No password, no security, carry it around.
    4. Encode ALL info into the URL (and cookie too, just in case). “&deck00=34c9sc945c9089th85” etc.

    I can try to write it myself if you give a few hints about the Javascript.



    Really nice work with the page! Ink’s missing his renegade tag.

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    Thanks ! That’s strange, I don’t see Ink missing his renegade tag.

    Unfortunately it’s not too safe to have the account information in the URL, as people tend to share URLs without checking beforehand what it contains.

    Actually my question is more about if the people care about having a username or rather be totally anonymous :

    1) Login with a username/password :
    – check the units you have (private, only you can see it)
    – create decks (private, only you can see it)
    – publish some of your decks (public, everyone can see your published decks and see your username)
    – export decks as pictures for forums (public, and could eventually contains the creator’s name)
    – rate decks (private)
    – comment on decks (public, your username show up)
    – there could be some more new features such as tournaments and guilds.

    2) No Login (just as it is now) :
    – check the units you have (private, only you can see it)
    – create decks (private, only you can see it)
    – publish some of your decks (public, everyone can see your published decks but can’t see it was made by you)
    – export decks as pictures for forums (public)

    Option 2 is more of a deck builder/sharing tool, Option 1 is more of a community website with all the deck builder features.



    I don’t mean for either of those to be options for anyone who cares about hiding their cards. Just offering them as non-secure alternatives, see if people actually want security.

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