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    Hi everyone,
    Not sure how useful this can be for you, but I’ve created a little page with all the units displayed in a visual and interactive way.
    I’m in the process of adding the pictures for all the units.
    It’s also missing the “disband amount” for the 5 newest units, if anyone can help^^
    Not too sure if the classes filter is 100% accurate, so if there is a farmer, barbarian, acolyte, … missing, please tell me.

    Here is the link :
    Highgrounds Units



    Really nice work. Another (and maybe better) way to display units besides the existing spreadsheets. Would love to see the devs adapt this kind of unit management for the deck building.

    The disband amount always is half of cost rounded up (besides windfall and renegade).
    For example Xane should give 3C and 2W (5/2=2.5 rounded 3C; 3/2=1.5 rounded 2W) and Noch should give 2W (4/2=2 rounded 2W)

    Some idea of improvement:
    Put the corresponding pack classes together (Fox/Thiefs, Dog/Soldier, Wolf/Hunter).
    Hope it is technical doable: Allow multi selection of the categories (e.g.: I want to see all acolytes and wizards the same time). If that would ne possible the first suggestion is dispensable and could be managed by just adding the 3 categories thief/soldier/hunter

    Edit: You missed to put the new frog units in the forest category

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    The Farmer filter is missing Yorn (and Reck and Rorth, although those two aren’t important).
    The Knight filter is missing Deimor (and Sliver and Tempest)
    You’re missing filters for Hunter (Groff, Lapp, Loup, and Spike), Thief (Domino, Rune, and Squint), and Soldier (Abban, Atrophus, Gumil, Illian, Myter, Ruel, and Tydus).
    Interesting that you listed Ashara as a skeleton and Ool as a totem but didn’t list the squires as knights.



    Thanks for your reply :)
    I will set the disband amount following your rule, and hope Chedd or someone having these units can confirm.

    Multi-selection is doable but could easily become a mess, so I’m still considering how to do it and how categories (rarity/classes/abilities) would be interconnected.

    I’m also thinking to add :
    – cards owned (will probably use a cookie to store them)
    – building decks (containing both owned cards and wished cards)
    – eventually a community feature to publish experimental decks and discuss about them.



    Thanks, I will check all this^^
    Actually the listed classes are used to check which units can beneficiate from a king/pack ability.
    So I listed farmers for farmerking (horus), knights for knightking (arthur), barbarians for driaga, totems for ool, etc
    In this way Squire cards could be added in Knights or in a specific class.
    I actually never tested if Reck as a wood farmer can really get the bonus from Horus ?



    Deimor can get knight bonus



    I like it!

    Could you please add filters for Thief, Soldier, and Hunter (or just add those under the corresponding Fox, Dog, and Wolf)?



    Horus only effects farmer GOLD production :(



    I just added all the soldiers, thieves and hunters to their corresponding groups.
    Also added the squires to the knights group, along with Deimor (but not Sliver and Tempest, to verify),
    Merged Acolytes with Wizards.

    And now if you move your mouse over a card, you can set how many of them you own.



    We should combine efforts. I did pretty much the same thing: http://munter.github.io/highgrounds/

    Mine pulls in data from the spreadsheet some of the users in here are keeping up to date, to keeping it correct can be crowd sourced in a better way.
    I didn’t have time to make the army display pretty, but it’s already usable in that the url updates as you change the army you are building. This enables you to show others the army by just copy/pasting the url, then they will see the same thing.

    http://thecrystalcamp.com also has a deck builder and unit info



    Nice work !!!
    How pity we could have avoided to do all that work in double. Now all the big work is done and it’s more about adding some features (but we are quite limited since there is no highgrounds api yet).
    My thinking about decks is more about trying to build decks that can contains both units I have and units I dont have, in a visual way so that I know what units I’m missing to complete my dream decks.

    PS : Thecrystalcamp.com seems to be down.



    @pyeontae I can implement the own units concept pretty quickly and just store the information in the browsers localstorage, then maybe add a filter that only shows the units you have. I should be able to to the same thing with complete army setups so you could theoretically store a complete copy of your ingame units and armies if you wanted to.

    Is your code on github somewhere?



    Pyeontae Great job!, u asked me i one of our game about help, if u need ss of units let me know



    Here are the units I have so far: https://github.com/Munter/highgrounds/tree/gh-pages/img/units

    Copy away



    I actually use some server-side scripts and a mysql database. It’s not on github.
    That’s a great collection of units pics :)

    Thanks ! Yes I was thinking if you have or know someone who has some of the 5 newest units, in order to take some screenshots.

    Well, maybe Chedd has these^^

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