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    Here’s a link to my skeleton deck. It’s been pretty successful and is quite versatile. As of right now, it has 31W and 6L on the leaderboards, and one of those was a disconnect.


    I have spent quite a bit of time experimenting with trading out a few of the smaller resource producers for bigger ones, but honestly they seem to get in the way more than help. I had a shadebeast in for quite a while as a back row blocker and resource producer, but since Ino got defense instead of recruit I haven’t needed to ensure back row production so much.

    The deck eats wound decks for breakfast, has a pretty good final damage, and can inflict quite a bit of chaos on an enemy, sometimes shutting down their production entirely. It’s weak against decks that reach a pretty good damage early like Duo Rainer and the occasional Spirits, and sometimes can falter against a very streamlined Barb deck. I’ve recently removed a Rhyne to help speed up the deck and make it a bit more reliable.

    A single Drake and a single Berna aren’t quite as nasty as two Drakes, but Berna is a little more flexible and can be your ace in the hole against crystal decks. If you get either out early, you can really shut down an economy. Berna also hits the front row and can cause some pain to Forest. The two Deimors are really crucial to the deck. They are simply so flexible that they’re nearly indispensable. I also prefer Two Inos to an Ino + Rauny because the final arrangement on the back row for this deck tends to be Ashara, Ino, Ashara, Ino. If the Rauny at the bottom gets wounded, you can anticipate arrows on row 3 and 4 next turn going for your Asharas.

    The deck is a little larger than a lot of very effective ones, but once you’re making 6 crystal, you will always get units that are flexible and helpful to just about any situation. The early resource stage is often fast enough that it’s ok to lose a little time later on getting that extra useful unit for your situation, and you’re usually improving your position no matter what.

    As the game goes on, I just swap out my two resource producers and put in more expensive units. The whole thing transitions into an end position pretty smoothly so long as I don’t wait too long to bring out Inks. Even still, I can trade in a Deimor for an Ink if I have two of them on the front line.

    I’ve played a TON of games against Knight Rush decks with this deck, and it usually wins. It tends to go south after two Arthurs are out, so I aim for lots of wounds and stealing. With Barb decks, I can usually keep pace with front row producers and by lining my Asharas up in the front instead of boosting in the back. I also pull out Inks as soon as possible. Against crystal decks I tend to cross my fingers and hope for a good Berna, and try to get two Inks and two Crauns on front against cascading wound decks, with Asharas in the back. It tends to be weak against Teak cascading wound burnout decks

    A few alternatives are:
    -Only 1 Ink: Two Inks have gotten me out of a few very weird situations, but are not always necessary. One Ink improves your draw reliability a little.
    -Two Rhynes: Especially if you don’t have the same units I do.
    -Two Drakes instead of Drake + Berna

    Let me know what you think. Try it out!



    I LOVE it! Thank you Monkey, this deck has gotten me to R50 for the first time! ^___^

    I appreciate you sharing this, I’ve had all these cards and been running Skels deck for a while, but it was bloated – this is a fantastically tuned deck, you’re inspiring me to go back through all my decks and slim down!




    Glad to help. I actually pulled out a deimor as well because my early 2C units weren’t coming reliably enough. I occasionally lose out on an opportunity to fireball a developed opponent, but it helps to get a reliable build going. May add a branan to secure a top row fireball as well, as having 2 fireballers is pretty useful at times.



    BTW I stole this and have been unabashedly playing it like kind of a lot. Good times!

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