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    What does X Frenzy really means in gameplay?
    “Deals attack equal to the amount of damage taken by the owner’s city”

    Does it means what I read it as:
    – if opponent knock 3 heart from my city
    – X frenzy will generate 3 attack

    So I have to lose the round for it to work? Then how does it do damage to the opponent city?



    X Frenzy will generate (City’s starting HP – City’s current HP) attack. This becomes more effective as your city loses health and usually caps at 14 (One health left, 15 – 1).



    Bug: It generates attack based on damage done to the city since you last entered the game.



    Ah.. so it is suppose to start from the total max health that your city has? So, over time it becomes more powerful?
    Of course, other than the bug that Raijinli is talking about.

    So, with the bug right now… it only causes the damage as per turn starting city health – turn ending city health?



    So if am a beginner with 18 health, and my opponent knock me down to 2 health, then X Frenzy will cause 18 – 2 = 16 damage…
    is that right?



    If you started with the game with 18 hp, then yes. If you started from any higher in that game, then no, it’d do more damage.



    The bug isn’t per-turn. Live matches aren’t really affected, because people don’t leave and come back.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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