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    So, I played the game a lot when it came out, and stopped playing when forest faction came out because of lack of time.

    I came back a little while ago, and found nex things, mostly commander and lots of new units.

    I still have a quite strong Knight deck with 2 Arthur, slow but strong, but it’s boring to play always the same deck.

    I’m currently trying to tune a Zealot-Crystal Camp Deck. Thing is, I lack all the recent units and also Jade.

    Here is the deck, have had some success with it, but I think it could be way better :;

    Commander is Front 2 Paladin, Back 2 Heal 1 Def (I plan to give him Def in front too)

    What do you think ?



    1. Do you have any other wizards? Namely, Tempest and Ekin, not Jion. Striker will probably do everything better for you than Jion.

    2. Issue: What are your odds of buying a unit on turn 2?
    – Assuming producing t1, you have 8/14 possible units that can be bought on turn 2, giving 0.945 ~= 1 – 6C3 / 14C3 chance to draw one of them.
    ==- I see seven turn2-buyable units (assuming you put Gage in the back).
    ==- Let’s also count Lare, because it’s an upgrade from Gage/Jiast on front.
    ==- Can’t draw the unit you played.
    – You have an 0.85 chance of drawing a production unit turn 1.
    ==- You have a 1/4 chance of having Pep for your first draw. (Would Pep be the best t1 buy?)
    ==- With a base recruit of 3, if you draw Pep first, you still have about a 0.4 chance of drawing Jiast or Gage on turn 1 (if I’m mathing right).
    – If you can only buy Pep on turn 1, only 3/12 units are playable on the next turn. So 0.62 chance.
    Total of about 0.89 chance of a turn 2 playable unit. Better than I thought, actually.



    Do you have Mana? I would consider switching to Dwila, ditching Pep and both Gage’s, and adding 2x Mana. 2 Mana can produce only 4 gold between them, but with producing with and/or selling Jiast and your 2 Bin’s, that’s enough to afford 1 Lare, who can help you afford the 2nd Lare. The 1 gold on Crystal Camp isn’t helping you that much, while the 3 recruit and needing Pep probably is.

    Having no Jade is a blessing and a curse. You miss out on a much higher damage ceiling, but you only ever really need to produce 4 gold, instead of 6. This means that you can focus more on Crystal production, to get out a back row full of Wizards.

    Striker is definitely better than Jion for you. You don’t need either of their back rows for much other than Acolyte buffing, so the cheaper Striker wins in that role, and it’s rare that you will need either of their front rows. As for those infrequent front row needs, Striker can still get off at least one Bolt before wounding himself, and he’s far easier to sell and buy again than Join, who could get wounded by an enemy unit anyways. Last but not least, wounded Wizards still buff Acolytes, so you can send Striker front row, let him do his Bolt and wound himself, then throw him in the back row without bothering to heal or sell him and still gain the full Acolyte buff.

    I am not a fan of Ekin in general, but he would also likely make a good addition to your deck. He’s cheap and easy to hire. Lacking a Jade, speed is if the essence, and while Ekin doesn’t wound nearly as well as Branan or Yaran, he hires much easier.

    Hagel is another good cheap Wizard if you have him. He hires for 2 Gold instead of Crystal, so he’d be a little harder to hire in Dwila just like Bin, but he can be used to help hire Lare or Wizards, so he’s not bad to have.

    I’d reccomend you experiment with any combination of these suggestions to see what fits your play style. Maybe you’ll do better sticking with the Crystal Camp but removing Branan and Yaran and replacing them with cheaper Wizards. Or maybe Dwila will work best for you, but you’d prefer to keep the higher wounding potential. Maybe all of them will help.

    One way or another, you’ve got to keep speed on your side, be it with cheaper units or with a city that has more recruit, or possibly both. Play to your strength, and your strength is that you never really need to produce more than 4 gold per turn.



    I didn’t realize changing your deck on the matrix would update the image here

    Thank you guys for your comments, made me think a lot
    Reduced the cost, the deck is quickest without doubt. Can get some nice voctories. Biggest weakness is multi-wound, so I might try another Rauny, because many players seem to rely a lot on these now.

    Tried it with Dwila for a time, but it was in fact slower. way too many turn 2 with no draw.

    Trying to switch 1 hagel and ekin for yaran and a 2nd tempest. May give more wounding in the last phase, which is very usefull. Also putting Tempest is usually the moment when pulling biggest units becomes easy.

    About Pep first draw, it might be the best one. He is at his best when drawn 3rd or 4th turn though. He helps a lot by giving more options

    Also Commander got the Wizard Type. Nice

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by  hgsergei.


    > I didn’t realize changing your deck on the matrix would update the image here

    Praise pyeontae!



    Try an Ino or Celina instead of Rauny if you ave them. 2 Defense is still very strong & so is the drain zealot.



    Yeah, Ino hires way easier than Rauny. 3 cost is even an advantage over 4 cost in this deck since you have several guys who produce only 1 crystal.

    I rely on a 2 heal 3 defense Commander and 1 Ino in my main Acolyte deck, and my commander doesn’t even have Paladin in front or Wizard Type. Ino’s two defense is usually enough to get me through an average wounding deck. With Ino blocking, Spike can only ever wound 2 guys, and if you are good at dancing Ino’s position around, you can make sure that Ino is the 2nd one to be wounded so that your acolytes always act. Then your Commander should do the rest by healing them all up for the next round. Your healing could get overwhelmed quickly, but speed is your ally and hopefully you’ve won before heavy wounding ruins you. Your Commander having 2 Paladin will definetely help you clutch out some wins.

    Remember that your Lare’s are way more important to move. If you have to risk a Bin getting wounded before they can move, so be it. Just try to make your Ino’s position is unpredictable and gives both Lare’s their highest chance of acting.



    Okay and that’s it
    I don’t know why I didn’t think of Ino. He’s perfect.
    Might move 1 Tempest for Ekin, but otherwise it’s not that bad, doesn’t win a lot but sometimes work very well

    I will now proceed to upgrading my 2nd commander, will keep using this deck from time to time because it’s fun. Hope I’ll get cards fitting here in commander packs.
    290 gems atm, soon here

    Thanks for your help

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