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    Goodnight everyone.

    I play Highgrounds about a month. Would like some advice regarding the game. Collect several defeats and some interesting victories, but I can not mount any specific strategy with my deck. Most of the victories that did, it was with the help of SPIKE, but it is very expensive and to get it, probably lost.

    The problem is that as I can not win many battles, do not get gems to buy more soldiers. In short, I’m parked and hoping bad opponents (which is very difficult).

    I want to learn to ride a compact, streamlined team, but effective. I’ll post my soldiers bought gold. Wood and Crystal have very few soldiers, but also hope to improve them.

    (I do not speak English, this text was translated in GOOGLE TRANSLATOR, so sorry if it does not make any sense.)

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    What do your commanders do?



    When I started inserting attributes in my commander, I do not know what to do. I added indiscriminately, without worrying. The first was all messed up. The second that I could do it more wisely. But both are horrible. I have to get them again.

    Commander 1 – 23 gold
    FRONT ROW = 3 steal and 4 t toxic
    BACK ROW = 2 healing and 3 drain

    Commander 2 – 5 gold
    FRONT ROW = 2 attack and 1 wound
    BACK ROW = 2 recruit and 2 squire attack



    Commander 2 isn’t too bad.

    Have you tried using knights?

    2 x John
    2 x Harden
    2 x Ramm
    2 x Herold
    1 x Hale
    1 x Arthur
    1 x Evelyn
    1 x Kobi
    1 x Flip
    1 x Payne/commander2
    1 x Rayleigh

    You could also test out pency in that army too.



    You actually almost have the cards to build my plain deck.
    – 2 Harden
    – 2 Johnn
    – Gerren
    – Durant
    – Flip
    – Jonas (or Horus or both)
    – Epherius (you don’t have -> Evelyne or 2 Evelyne)
    – 2 Rile (you don’t have -> Arthur and Marshall)
    – Illian
    – Cliff
    – Spike

    – Keep decks small. You will draw more. 15-17 is good.
    – The first Unit (every game) is a random Unit that costs 0 Gold to 2 Gold. Ensure your 0-2 units make money. Rowa, Rucke, Groff, Harum, Rosie are not good for new players.
    – Buy Core or Commander now.



    Tried a troll deck?

    2 x Vago
    2 x Harden
    2 x Midras
    1 x Payne
    1 x Grom
    1 x Cliff
    1 x spike
    1 x Arthur
    1 x Jolien
    1 x Kaite
    1 x Cmdr

    14 in total, though your commander needs to be something else, maybe respec (400 gems) Commander 1 to a Spearhead?
    – Healing provided by Jolien and Payne
    – Wounding by Payne and Spike
    – Power from Cliff, Arhtur and your spearhead commander
    – Anti-wounding from Vagos line up with all your trolls can bring you up to 7 x 5 x 2 + asoortment = 70 damage if they hit you hard enough with wound
    – Cash from Harden, Midras and Vagos

    Deck has moderate buildup, not good against rush decks. Not top tier but good enough to get you more gems to build better decks.

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