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    Curious if you’ve invited a new player to Leap Day.
    – If so what seemed to work best?
    – If you didn’t invite anyone, what was the main reason you didn’t?

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    Yes I have. He’s a colleague’s son, and he is only allowed to play games over the weekend, and wasn’t able to finish a game in that time. Past that, I don’t think he came back.

    It’s too bad though. It’s a wonderful game.



    I told a coworker about it and he tried the tutorial. I don’t know how long he stuck with it.

    And another friend, he looked into it, at least. I don’t think he “got it”.

    These were both before the update at the end of last month. I’m still not sure how I feel about the game since then. All of the updates since then have been welcome improvements, though. It doesn’t seem fair to invite someone to play a game that as soon as it gets “competitive” they get left behind by people who played long enough before the update to have earned crowns enough for some buildings–with no way earning crowns now (and selling a building for 1 crown each cannot count).

    The expert maps, without trains, are simply not fun. It’s quite obvious to me that I’m playing a different game than my neighbors when they’re sprawling across 1/2 of the map and I’m trying to push my way between the gaps. It’s not as noticeable on easier maps, since they don’t last anywhere near as long. My opinions about that haven’t changed much, and I’ve said as much elsewhere, so I’ll keep from reiterating here more than I already have.

    Hopefully with the update with more rewards after a map I’ll finally get a train and be able to play at an acceptable level.

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    I invited 5 people total (I think I also introduced it to another ~4 or 5 via a forum), 1 was pretty casual, and 1 just wasn’t interested in the game. All of these were back when statues were ~30k and we had 5 slot factories, so take it with a grain of salt.

    The other 3, however, are much more interesting.
    One of them jumped right in, learned the combining trees, and was theorycrafting with me in no time.
    One took me dragging him through 4-5 game, but after about a week he said something along the lines of “I know I resisted at first, but damn this game is awesome,” and then was super into it.
    The other one took some convincing and coaching, but I think she finally got into it when I specifically didn’t help her make the scepter for a Twins game (She had joined us for Duradura and made the ice statue no problem, but this was the first ‘complex’ build she did on her own).

    None of us have really played more than one game a patch since the 2 slot factories only patch, but we were probably at the end of the spectrum for desired difficulty.



    The current amount of items dropped by maps means you can always have trains. If you’ve got four hours, start a Sad Uncle, five star it. You’ll usually get at least one set of either hopping, slow, or basic train and rails, often you’ll get two. There isn’t much vault space, so there’s no point in keeping common items for later – use them in your next game. If you aim for stars, you’ll get enough of trains or other items to make harder maps viable even for players who don’t have crowns.

    As for inviting people to Leap Day, I did, but sadly I have few friends who like thinking games like this – they’re more the platformer press A at the right time to win kind of gamers. None of them took me up on it. Please don’t take that comment as a suggestion – the core of Leap Day is what makes it great.

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    I’ve finished two maps since the multiple rewards update and have gotten one slow train. That plus the dozen or so I completed before the update (after the big update, before the recent update with multiple rewards) and that’s the only train I’ve gotten. Even if you consider slow trains to be trains, obviously you can’t “always have trains” since trains aren’t guaranteed drops. If you know a way to use limited trains in every map when you’re not given limited trains as a reward from every map, I would love to hear it.



    You are right, but as I said, you gotta aim for five stars. Increasing the amount of stars increases your drops significantly. I beat Sad Uncle three times real quick to pick up some items, and in those three five star runs, I got five trains – two slow trains, two regular, and one hopping. I do consider slow trains to be trains – the best value of trains is their ability to ignore pickups, meaning you can get a much higher density of factories, or a much more ideal placement of them. For gathering resources, one way paths with houses just before the pick ups are more efficient than anything but train and double crane loop chains that cost 30-60 million to cover a respectable portion of map.

    The point is, clear maps as fast as possible to get more stars. Managing four or five stars on any map you complete should usually net you a train. If you’re running low on trains, spend some time on Sad Uncle.

    I’ll also note that I’ve beaten most maps on four or five stars with just stone roads. Everything so far except Cougarina, Ye Darke Lorde, and Mr.Jones in the current system. There are still a few I haven’t played because I haven’t seen – something with Twins comes to mind, maybe there are others. Game selection could still be improved a tad, you tend to get the same stuff over and over.

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    I tried to introduce LeapDay to a friend who plays Go, got him to complete the tutorial, and he said he liked it. I asked him if he was going to keep playing, and he told me “I hate games that bring real life finances into it. I will either pay up front or play 100% free games, so I probably won’t play more.” Copied from the KGS chat with him.



    I have yet to successfully invite anyone, because everyone I know who’d play was already invited by my brothers, or has the same issue I had.
    They invited me because they knew I’d enjoy it, I like cooperative games and similar puzzle/factory games like SpaceChem.

    The biggest obstacle between being invited and playing was operating system; I had no computer with a compatible OS until fairly recently, and I know two people who would love the game but don’t want Windows or OsX on their computers.
    The same traits that would draw them to the game, the optimization and automation, drew them to other operating systems.

    I know that, using Unity Web Player, that’s not particularly in your control.



    I’ve successfully invited two friends, mostly by pushing them to try it until they actually gave it a shot. Once they played enough to actually understand the depth of the game, it mostly sold itself.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that we brought in a third friend mutual friend after that.

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    My boss walked by and saw it on my second monitor and was intrigued by it. I gave him the link and he’s going to try it out sometime.

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