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    I hope it’s not just me who’s finding the new forest faction 100% impossible to beat. I’ve been left in awe after every battle with the forest faction so far with how powerful it is. So any suggestions on strategies for either gold or crystal factions to beat them would be very welcome! :)



    I can’t comment on my Knight deck or heavy armor deck as I haven’t played them against forest. I have played them with a Barbarian deck and had mixed results. Right now I would kill for a Payne. It seems pretty essential to have front and back wound capable units. Every match I’ve had I’ve been in awe at the resources produced by so many units. But half of them are frail and armor is at a premium.

    If you’re running a rush deck mix in one or two cheap front row wound units. You don’t need to wound a lot of them. All you need is to harass them while you get your units out. I had several games that if I had a Payne I would have walked all over them. As it was I ended up at a single point from victory before being overwhelmed. If you’re playing for the long haul you have more options with Rune/Spike/Ilian.

    The crystal wizards I imagine can decimate a forest deck if they don’t win before two or three get on the board.

    So far forest seems fairly well balanced to me in the games I’ve played against it. We’ll see where it goes as people refine their strategies.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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