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    I think that every player who plays this game for sake of having fun, and not being the best, finds people grinding golden goods irritating. I mean, sure, in most of the games, players who grind end up being best(or at least very good in the skill they were grinding), but that doesn’t get in the way of other players. However, in Leap Day grinding pretty much means ruining games for other people around you.

    So here is an suggestion on how to stop this. Have golden goods loot rate depend on the current time that has passed in the game in correlation with stars earned.

    If players finish a map with 5 stars, they will 100% get 1 piece of golden item that they took part in making and that has most worth(as in how far in production line it is… so if player is making oak for black oak, he will get black oak). Yes, that means if 8 players finish a map with 5 stars that requires for example Shadow armor, and they all take part in making it, they will all get 1 Shadow armor. This Reward will be given when player starts a new game, just like when you get your leftover golden goods that you didn’t pick up in a game that has finished

    After 5th star is gone, and time limit for 4th one is running out, players will have a normal(100%) drop rate for golden goods. Also, upon finishing the map, they will get a random good they took part in production. Sometimes you will get golden oak, other times you will get something good.

    After 4th star, the drop rate is normal(so still 100%), but upon finishing a game there is no extra golden chest.

    After 3rd star have passed, drop rate for golden goods is 75% of normal, which means you will get them more rarely than it usually is.

    Finally, after the 2nd star has passed, and there is no time limit, the drop rate is reduced to 50% of the normal one.



    As a player who DOES play to be the best, I find golden goods irritating. They’re slow to accumulate, frustratingly random, and have a tendency to get bogged down with useless things. I’ve been concentrating on stone busts and prayer stones since day 3 – I have yet to get a single good to level five, and most of my drops are bricks and ore (neither of which I want since they make the recipes more complex, which I view as unilaterally bad).

    As for your method – I always aim for maximal stars. Do the players who don’t assist me still get the bonuses for my work? What about when I liquidate my stone bust setup to make the cursed flamingoes again – Does that mean I won’t get any chests for my busts ever because I can’t support both the tower requirements, the five star time, and my money making setups? It would certainly be nice to get an actual bonus for completing five stars other than 10 XP or whatnot.



    Yeah, the golden goods/chests/storage/upgrade system is clunky on many levels. Many of the recipes hit a soft cap where, if you don’t want to add complexity to that recipe or others that rely upon it, you can no longer make use of the upgrade items that then clog up your inventory. Every reward should either be a reward in and of itself (crowns, loot, a title, a new building color, etc.) or allow you to buy something rewarding.

    The boolean decision of “Do I want this or not?” does not scale when combined with having to use up storage space on things you don’t want but can’t delete (and that don’t stack). Each reward that initiates a decision should never allow for a situation where the best decision for one–and quite obviously very popular–playstyle renders the reward useless and cumbersome (vault space). That isn’t fun.

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