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    This deck works – Contains 3x Ultra Rares
    It’s Probably about as strong as Current Skeleton Decks, But it’s just a fun Variation – And I get a little bit of feedback that it’s surprises people since they don’t quite prepare for this combination

    The Damage currently maxes out at 58 Damage and 10 Defense – A perfect run sees it doing half max damage on turn 4, full damage turn 5 – But more common is 2/3rds max damage turn 5, and full damage turn 6 –

    The Final form is Front Row – Rhynne, Lyss, Grey, Grey, Lyss
    Back Row is Ashara, Ashara, Ino, Celina, Mirault

    The Two units that can be change around for personnel taste are Ino (Healer) and Rhynne (Eats Damage) –

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    I have a jankier grotto based version of this deck idea (ozgo is a hunter with 3 front def.) I like impe more than mirault for the deck, but we’ve discussed this.

    I like this deck a lot. I know you added your commander… what does he do again?



    As it stands, this deck seems a bit slow. I’ll play around with the core concept and see if I can make something a little more solid out of it



    This deck seems to be quite a bit faster. There’s a very strong chance you’ll get another resource generator on your second turn, if not two. I replaced one of the Lyss units with my Hunter commander. His front row is 5 honor and 3 wound, and his back row is lots of shield and healing. I’ve also been using impe instead of mirualt due to better disruption and additional healing. I threw in Deimor as well, because he’s just so damn awesome and allows me to have good attack at the end of the game and still pull impe when I’m able to do so.
    Sometimes I end up jumping into end game without one of the Asharas simply because it seems like you can go faster without her.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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