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    I paid for Triple Town long ago. It wasn’t to remove ads, as ads are never a problem for me. The first thing I did when I obtained my phone was to root it, and the next thing I did was to install an ad-blocker. No, I paid because I liked the game and wanted to remove the turn limit.

    But now I have uninstalled Triple Town. I do not and will not be tracked. I ESPECIALLY don’t appreciate you tracking me on behalf of a third party, because I sure as hell didn’t give you permission to do that. Like I said, it isn’t an issue of whether I see ads or don’t see ads. Its an issue of it isn’t any of your business where I am ever. I don’t keep aps on my phone that track my location unless its map / navigation related.

    So, you either need a version without tracking for paid customers, or you need to REALLY do the right thing and stop spying on us (or enabling others to spy on us).


    The ads affected by the new GPS permissions are the ads for Free Coins. These Free Coin ads (in the form that doesn’t involve GPS) have been in the game for well over a year now and are offered to players both with and without Unlimited Turns (I assume this is what you mean by, “I paid for Triple Town”) since both types of players can use coins. According to the game’s manager, we don’t track your location if you aren’t viewing these Free Coin ads.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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