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    I realized this week that my basic Wood-Dog deck is stronger than my gold deck, even though my gold collection is much, much better. This deck has nothing but commons and uncommons, and a cheap commander (cost 6). If you are a newb, getting crushed by veterans, your best chance is a simple rush deck, with few cards, which gives you smooth timing and rapid development. You should be able to get a similar deck together with your current newb collection, and maybe a couple forest gem packs. Just remember, the deck’s perfect timing happens because there are only 15 cards, and because nothing costs more than 6. Everything happens exactly when you need it to – just do as much damage as you can, as fast as you can, and get the dogpack together as soon as possible. I own 500+ players with it all the time (and lose to them all the time too lol, but it still beats my ultra-rare-stacked gold deck).

    *Note that it’s probably better with 2 Gumils and 1 Ansel, for blocking purposes (I only have 1 Gumil at the moment). If you don’t have an Ench and a Slog, it appears best to go 2 Enches or 2 Slogs. But 1 of each is definitely best.

    *And, note that my commander costs 6 and has 2 steal for his front row power (which was a poor choice, I think wound or rampage would be much more useful here.) Maybe Paladin. Anyway, I don’t think you’d want the commander to cost more than 6 or 7.



    Have you tried switching Rohk for a 2nd Ench?



    I’ve used the armored rat Elgi for Protect in my Dog deck.



    impronoucabl: Great idea (2nd Ench for Rohk). Timing and development are much better this way. Thanks for the idea.

    Raijinili: definitely has its uses, but it seems to slow down my development too much for this simple rush style. I’m working on a larger deck (maybe ~17 cards) that would include 2 Gumils and 1 or 2 Elgis.

    Thanks dudes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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