Golden Goods Drop Rate not Functioning as advertised

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    At one point, the golden good drop rate was increased, and life was good. About two days ago, when I noticed and then reported the ‘Wrong Golden Goods” bug listed here, there was an update. Following this update, the drop rate has lowered significantly – in my first game of four hours, I received one chest. Following that, in my next game of about eight hours, I received 0 chests for existing factories, and four for factories in the previous game. In the current game, I have been in for sixteen hours, With shared setups for Wine of Death, Stew Barrel, and some odds and ends. I have received 7 chests, 5 of those in the first 6 hours. This seems to be drastically reduced from previously.

    That’s probably not a bug, that’s just a new tweak. What is the bug is that you previously stated that drop rate for the final product of a chain has been greatly increased. This no longer seems to be true (though it used to be). All of the golden chests I received were for first tier goods (spirits, bread, polished gems, etc..), or items my shared goods were producing that I did not own factories for (ring, stone ring, poison ring). I did not receive a single high tier good in 16 hours, whereas previously I would earn a number. In a game several days ago, a stone bust setup provided 3 golden goods over a period of about 12 hours – very nice. In addition, that same setup produced a dozen other chests for it’s components in that timeframe. Expected behaviour is for golden goods to act like they did prior to the update approximately two days ago, and have a significantly higher chance of producing the good the player is actually trying to produce, at a reasonable rate.



    The issue has been logged in our bugging system. Thank you for the information!

    -Ray (SFS)

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