Golden goods being produced outside of game time

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    Hello, it’s me again.

    I recently loaded up an alternate account I hadn’t used in a while – I created him a while back to clear a map where I needed someone to pass me gems to clear but no one was able to do so.

    So I logged in, and I started getting golden chests. So far, I’ve gotten 10 bricks, 2 ore, 4 fired brick, 6 rings, 8 necklaces, 3 stone ring, 7 porcelain, 6 stone necklaces and 2 pottery. That’s a total of 48 chests – far more than he should have earned for being in that one game for a couple hours. Is it possible that the new system (which keeps a previous games chests and carries them over to new games) continued to produce the chests during the part where he was inactive and not in a game?

    I feel like this is more chests than my main account is getting even with active play. Especially since I just left it overnight and got 0 chests after the eight hours T_T.



    I’m pretty sure the chests can drop for either of your heirs. I think those 48 chests are the chests you’d earned on your main (but didn’t see there).



    I do not have multiple heirs, princes, barons, etc. I have but one. The other fellow is a completely different ACCOUNT. I’ve been told heirs from the same account can’t join the same game. Also, the content of the drops are not congruent with my main account anyway.


    Cake of Pain

    I’d need to know which account it is to look deeper, but it’s possible you had gained those golden good drops from the previous game and they weren’t dropping correctly for some reason. If an account has no princes in a valid game, it should not be gaining additional drops.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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