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    I’ve read some of the recent discussions about golden goods, but I wanted to make a simpler suggestion. I think the inventory situation would be much easier to deal with if you didn’t have to spend golden goods and skill points at the same time. That is, you could spend either whenever and you’d have access to whichever you’ve spent less of.

    For example, if you just started and gained a few levels, you could put 5 skill points in luxury food, but since you haven’t invested any golden goods, you would still only have access to the L0 recipe. In the same time, you might have gathered 3 golden spice and 3 golden perfumes. Not anticipating needing them for anything else, you could go ahead and invest them, but since you haven’t spent any skill points there, you still only have the L0 recipes (but more free inventory space, without simply discarding things). Later, you get a golden luxury food and can immediately invest it to access the L1 recipe since you already spent the skill point.

    I think this could be taken further, but this is the simplest and least disruptive version of my suggestion.

    Edit: Oh yeah. Speaking of inventory, aren’t the same type of (non-golden) items supposed to stack?

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    Among my group (there are 4 of us), our experience is that we have a surplus of points. The problem as we’ve seen it is more an issue of not having the correct combination of goods. For example, I’ve been hanging onto an extra Metal Ingot for probably weeks now, so that I’ll have it ready for Cat Statues L5. Similarly, I threw away probably over a dozen Rings while waiting for the Necklace I needed to get Rings L5 (and still have probably 7 or so at the point where the Necklace finally showed up).

    Being able to spend asynchronously as you say could potentially help, but we’d need to be able to do partial spending on the golden goods side of things (eg. Ice Statue L5 needs a 2x Ice Statue and 1x Wood Statue, if you could spend the golden Ice Statues before you have the Wood Statue, that would ease the inventory issue greatly. That said, I’m pretty sure that would mean additional work on the back end of things. Right now, they presumably just need to record your golden goods in stock, this would require a sort of sub-inventory for each recipe to track what has been “spent” for that so far.



    Good points, and I agree that while partial spending would be nice, it would certainly be more complicated to implement.

    One idea I had that I think could cover most of those points would be to add silver goods that are applied automatically to the appropriate recipe (without going to inventory), and then making it so golden goods are much rarer and are only required for the major upgrades. That’d only require an additional numerical field instead of an inventory type system. Of course, that’d be a much more significant change to how the game plays, and I’m not too sure it’d help enough to be worth that.

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