Golden Good: Water

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    Hello, I just received five golden goods for water. Water is a raw resource, and not trainable (as far as I can tell). My inventory is more than full, and I’d like to be able to decide whether or not to trash them or use them. Since they are unusable, I’m presuming this is a ‘Water should not be golden’ bug, and not a ‘Raw resources can now be upgraded but we forgot to add them to the menu’ bug.

    On a side note, the random factor in chest gathering makes me cry.



    Username Death561:

    I just got 3 water golden goods as well :(



    Guys did any of you consider they might be working on implementing crafting of golden goods? I don’t know if it’s true, of course, but if so, golden raw resources would make so much sense. Otherwise, certain golden goods would be uncraftable.



    Certainly they could be working on implementing things. Generally, though, you don’t deploy a version before it’s ready – so if we’re getting golden waters, and there’s no way to use em’, it’s a bug. It’s also frustrating because those golden chests COULD have been something useful for Prince Tempus, but instead I’ve got 5 useless (for the moment) chests. Which I will soon need to purge from my vault because I have too many items. Chests are already frustrating to get with the slowness and the randomness. So, it’s certainly a bug, and it’s frustrating (at least to me) as well.



    Yeah, I wasn’t trying to tell you you shouldn’t have made a bug post, sorry if it sounded like that. It’s definitely justified asking about it and I’d be frustrated as well.
    Was just tossing out the thought mostly because I find the prospect quite exciting that this could really be coming.



    I’d really like to see a non-randomized way of generating chests, something like “Every 1000 bricks, you get a golden brick chest.”. Then you could take a quick look at a character sheet or something similar, and say “Oh, I’m close to getting a golden chest for Porcelain Busts and for Windows, I should push out a little more of those.”



    The fact that all the golden chests seem to be water now, leads me to believe that there is an indexing error, and water is simply the first resource in the data structure.


    Water should not be showing up as a golden good. The fact that it is doing so is a bug. The developers are aware of the bug.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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