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    Gold decks have fallen on some hard times, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t win anymore.

    Anybody who is winning with a Gold deck lately, post it. Let’s see what’s working for people.

    I used to regard Payne as more of a hindrance than a help back in the days of Arthur rushes. But now, with Fox rushes being the biggest threat to my Barbarian rush, I’m finding Payne to be one of my star units.

    My Barbarian deck contains:

    1 Commander
    2 Driaga
    1 Stag
    2 Rucke
    2 Harum

    1 Payne
    1 Scrapper
    1 Durant

    2 Harden
    2 Hiro
    2 Pitt
    1 Lyon

    1 Rosie

    The commander isn’t perfected, but it’s got the most important things it needs. 1 bolt to gain attack power if the enemy rushes out a front line to block my rampage (while still being more affordable than 2 bolt), and 2 honor + Barbarian type so that he can be buffed by Driaga.

    Ideally it would be regular attack instead of Honor, or maybe even a single point of Rampage, but so far having it be Honor hasn’t hurt me too badly. Also, the back row should probably be something like 2 points of heal and some defense, but I haven’t gotten a chance to add that to him yet.

    It’s not the fastest rush deck in the game, but it can beat most mid to slow speed decks before they can get going, and it can wound and knockout most foxes or spirits that try to out rush it.



    Right now I feel like any gold army that isn’ t rushing is just dying to other faction’s lategame. So I got rid of that in my gold army, and it’s working out fairly well.

    I won’t give out my exact army, but I will list the core units I use (I use a 14 to15 unit army).

    Tarimm, Ramm, Harden,Johnn, Rowa,Andor, Lans(optional).

    I suggest you read my guide for more details, if anyone is interested.



    Yep, that’s why I am being murdered :)

    Drop from 30% win rate to barely 5% win rate. My Gold Knights/Arthur deck just get whacked by everything. Not fast enough for rush decks (regardless of faction). Not strong enough against burns, economy get devastated by wound decks.

    I try building a rush deck too, but I have no late game creatures that can propped up the attacks in the late game like the barbarian queens… so even my rush deck get whacked :)

    Enough is enough… I am going to sit out a couple of weeks and see if there’s any changes.



    I have been able to win with 2 gold decks recently.

    Heavy Wound

    1x Evelyne
    1x Epherius

    2x Spike
    2x Cliff
    1x Stag

    1x Yorn

    Commander Back 5protect/3drain, front 5atk,2drain 22cost

    Dicey against rush decks, but chloe and jakk dramatically raise my late game production in those matches, letting me get a spike or cliff out to help counter.

    Strong against other wound decks.

    I also stand a good chance with my Double Arthur deck with my 3rd commander(knight)



    Against rush decks i put Kobi on the front to help slow down the progression, usually let’s me get enough out to counter.

    Weak as hell against rush decks and revenge decks.




    I’m not saying Gold doesn’t deserve some buffing, I just want to get it out there what Gold decks ARE currently working.

    I think one mistake that’s being made by players is trying to make a Gold deck that can be decent against everything. Gold is very obviously underpowered right now, while Wood is overpowered. So while you can make a Blight deck that can do decent against almost any deck, the same just won’t be true for Gold. Wood should not be able to counter everything either, but some small Wood nerfs and a few Gold buffs should restore balance to things.

    My Barb deck is terrible against gold decks who focus on wounding. It has no counter to heavy wounding, and if they rush out a Rune or even a Spike, it’s game over. On the flip side, most economy heavy decks without a lot of front row wounding will be dead before they can catch up, and most rush deck will get wounded/knocked out before they can race me to the finish line.

    Woogie pointed out his decks weaknesses, and impronoucabl’s has it’s own weaknesses to faster Fox rush decks and decks that rush out wounders.

    Just remember to focus on beating SOME Crystal and Wood decks right now. Being somewhat decent against half of the decks out there will instantly bump up your win ratio to a respectable percentage. It’s okay to always lose to a Burnout deck if you can always beat a Fox rush deck.

    Hopefully we’ll see some gold improvements pretty soon here and this will be less of an issue, but for now, I’m enjoying keeping Gold’s flame alive.



    i can’t post pictures, but i was inspired by impronoucabl to make a gold rush deck containing mostly knights.



    Actually, I don’t usually lose to wound armies :P (just use defense & Rowas to soak up all the wounds). But I do lose to pretty much any decent wood army (not just foxes), because they don’t need to mess up their economy to deal with my rush (unless I get the perfect draws). Foxes can rush & wound at the same time, which is strong against my army of no healers, but otherwise fairly equal in terms of power early- & mid-game.

    Also, frenzy is VERY annoying T.T (but not OP)

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