Gold deck vs Raiders

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    I’m running a farming deck and have repeatedly had a nasty time vs. raiders.
    When the steal-units come out on turns 1 and 2, I’m at a loss for how to respond.

    This 1st round is always a surprise, meaning that your opponents will grab your turn-1 resources and you’ll be left with just two resources on turn 2.
    I can shift my resource generators to the front row, but I’ll soon be out of 2-cost units to buy, and Hardens and Johnns aren’t much of a threat.

    Selling the units to grab 3- and 4-cost units is possible, but is basically accepting that you’ll have no economy as long as they’re willing to keep a couple raiders in the top front row.

    Are Knights the answer? Like some people, I’ve dumped all my 2-cost units that aren’t resource focused, but I can see their usefulness as a response to raiders.




    A few thoughts:
    – Hiro is a front-row gold generator, and even if he is stolen from he will generate gold for you on the front row.
    – Front row wounders like Lans and Domino could help. If you have Payne and manage to sneak a few gold into your economy, he can really mess up a steal deck.
    – Load your deck up with gold generators. If you can pull them out faster than they can pull out stealers, you can come out ahead.
    – A shutdown caused by stealing is unlikely, but possible. If they’re stealing your gold, they’re not actually getting anything useful from you. Even if they are messing up your early economy, they are also missing out on developing theirs by bringing out stealers instead of crystal producers.



    your best bet is really to just keep adding gold producers or other cheap cards and moving your producers down the row. payne is a must for killing steal if you have him. keep in mind that the gold they’re stealing is useless to them so they’re not really accomplishing that much more to you. unless of course they’re playing a dual resource deck. then yeah, it sucks.



    @scottsd Not if it’s my Mix-Steal-Rush Hale/Deimor/Herold Deck! ;)



    i need deimors. great card. i have a few stealers in my acolyte deck.



    Ooo SPH I gotta try that.



    More to the point of the post.
    Yes, steal SUPER powerful against trim power-gold decks.
    I wrote up a post about issues with steal about 3 months ago and most of the issues are still completely true.
    I’ve played with mix steal decks (nonaco) longer than almost anyone i think and it’s funny thing but the starting deck actually works quite well as a counter.

    But it’s a catch-22 . You wont intentionally be playing bad decks on the off chance of going up against a steal deck, on the other hand if they get that first round steal the deck can flow awesome, but if it miffs and you miss your 2nd card a steal deck can be dead in the water.

    Chedd mentioned in a game that they were thinking about having a unit that wounded units that stole from it as a sort of counter idea. I think that sounds neat but again is kind of to specific a counter to be generally useful (and thereby generally used)

    As it is right now, if you know someone will be rocking a steal deck, you can rock a anti-steal deck. the general non-power (2-2-1) knights deck can work quite well.

    Thats really about it. Some decks rock others currently : )

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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