Gold Deck vs Raiders

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    I’m using a farming deck and have been repeatedly at loss about what to do when faced with early raiders.

    If your opponent can put out raiders on turn 1 and 2, are there any good options?

    Just keep popping out 2-gold resource units (hopefully) and keep your guys in the front row?

    Hope for a Domino so you can sell a farmer?

    Add back in Groffs and Rosies into the deck just for these occasions?



    I’ve lost 3 times in a row, just now, vs early raiders and raiders + Durants. A row of Durant-raider-Durant-raider is tricky, the only time I was even close getting out from it was with assassins, as you suggest. I’m not gonna put Groffs and Rosies in, Durant in quite nice to put because you keep the recruits, and only give your opponent 1G.

    Eh, frankly I don’t know.

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    Generally speaking its no different than being vs any deck where you have a card disadvantage.

    Durants will answer most of it; get some damage in yourself, then move them to the back when you place your own resource gatherers. Keep stacking your units and don’t start selling until you have a good 6 down; you will be at a life deficit, but they will have invested so much in archer type units that slow down their own economy (no sell value or gold being spent on them) that their advantage is actually fairly limited.



    What, was this topic: not good enough for you?? ;)



    The problem with “get some damage in yourself,” is that durant only will hurt back row, and the opponents durants and raiders will only stay front row, so I guess building up with 1G / 2G units in backrow is the way to do it, because you will be stuck to getting only 2G / round, if you don’t sell anything.



    durant is way more valuable back row in this case. 2 recruit is big in trying to load up your back row to push your resource producers down the line. he also discards for 2 gold, which is great if you draw that card you really need to start turning things around (payne, for instance).



    @joystick.. ah… when I tried to post that I got an error message. Didn’t realize it went through.

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