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    How much do people play each week to get to level 50? I’ve been spending a few hours a day all week playing, with decent success rates, but I’m still only 42, and I think I’m not going to make 50 before the current weekly tournament ends. :( I’ve bought several packs of cards, so I’m not playing with a particularly weak deck, but if this much play doesn’t get me to level 50, I think I may find something better to do with my time. My biggest issue is that most of my games only get me <5000 points, and at 20,000+ per level, it's going really slowly. Only 1 out of every 6 or so games that I win do I get more than 10,000 points, I'd say.



    Play better players will help you 2 get more Bounty. Here is a list of some good players



    +Wisti’s tip. I can get to 50 just playing the top players + xx random live games. This week I had good luck winning against other L50 so I only had to play a few live games to get to 50.



    If 42 is a new personal best for you, matchmaking should put you up against higher ranked opponents more often, so getting high ranks should be easier in future tourneys.



    assuming 550,000 to 50, you would need a bit less than 76k per day, assuming playing 7 days. 100k if you only played 5. how long? depends on how much you win. the highest bounty i’ve seen i 20k (seen. not won) that would mean winning that battle 5 times. a much more common bounty is 2k, that would mean 50 battles! so theres a bit of variance, but now you might have a rough idea.



    BTW – Please try to get up to level 40 before challenging other players on the level 50 list.



    Thanks for the tips.



    I got to 40 and all I’m playing are 2k bounty people, taking ages :(
    Should I just start challenging people on that list? Or anyone want to play?
    Had decent luck with draw and booster, nothing too special.

    Maybe matchmaking will catch up to my rank next week.

    ID Sir Jack

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