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    The one high level map that I played was really fun – it required coordination across multiple people in accomplishing side objectives (the shrine with +20% longer days) and pooling resources together (one of the items needed 40 rings). I’d love to see more of those, although I keep seeing the sub level 10 maps despite 4/5 starring many of them and being level 29.

    I’d love to see the maps I could join prefer maps I haven’t completed. Allow me to always create the next one that I haven’t done. This way I could create some of the high level maps and tell my friends to join me on it.

    As much as I like the game, I really don’t want to play Ghost of the Sad Uncle anymore without any meaningful reward (like earning crowns).



    As much as I like the game, I really don’t want to play Ghost of the Sad Uncle anymore without any meaningful reward (like earning crowns).

    Quoted for truth.



    The problem with matchmaking and stale games really has to be addressed for me to keep playing this game. I understand not wanting to have 10 identical simultaneous games, each with only two players in them…but I’m sure you can come up with a creative solution. This has been a complaint from many for months.

    Please, please, pretty please…improve this. Surely, at level 27 I should be seeing something more than the same old Mophisto and Sad Uncle games over and over (and over and over) again…right???

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    I also join in that request. I have really enough play in three simple games over and over again especially that they ended after one day and there is no place to build something more complex in them.



    This is the biggest issue for me right now. I spent a fair amount of RL money in this game and now I barely ever get to do anything interesting because each map finishes in 8-12hrs. I was in the game with Tink where we had to use a huge amount of cooperation to pull together a Writ of Seduction (needs 40 rings!) and it was epic! We had to plan at the global level what our production chains would be to make it all work, with a mass rail system and catapults.

    All the games since then have been about getting a small amount of money and then just plopping down some factories at the end to make really simple items like Cinnamon Rolls of Lambas Cakes.

    It’s not too much fun when it only takes one person to beat the map, so you can help or just sit back – it doesn’t matter.



    I like the game, but I’m bored with Mr. Sophisto and the Sad Uncle, I have enough stout towers, and I have too (EXPLETIVE DELETED) many elbow cranes.

    Until something changes, I’m not starting any new maps. I don’t see the point in grinding.


    Cake of Pain

    We have found and fixed what was wrong with our matchmaking. Princes that have gained a few levels will now see more games available.



    And folks are back from their much needed vacation so expect to see more fixes coming up.

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