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    Similar to my previous topic, there are some games in which it is difficult to determine if a player is relatively new or just farming for chests and therefore is not necessarily going for max revenue. In these games, do you typically make it known that your intention is farming?



    Hay Loki,

    good to see you on the forums :)
    Personally I don’t announce it, but would never find it rude to be asked, so that might be the simplest way for you. Most people around here are really nice, so have no fear. If the person doesn’t respond in chat in the first place or doesn’t know what you are talking about, it’s probably safe to assume they are just new.



    Honestly, you can also sort of tell based on how they’ve built. A veteran player who is farming will probably have a relatively clean setup, but still be producing only a single good (though they may well be producing several of that particular good). A newer player who doesn’t know any better will probably have a relatively messy build, with lots of redundancy and such.

    Like Silverthorn, I personally wouldn’t mind the question “Hey, are you farming X?”, especially if the person asking followed up with an offer to take over part of the production to reduce dilution and lower/remove the chance of getting earlier components I didn’t want. That said, I’m lucky enough to have a regular group that I play with, so I generally don’t farm on open maps.

    We decide beforehand if we’re rushing or farming, and if it’s the latter we max out all the slots. We’ve invited random friends from online a couple times when we were pretty sure they’d be interested, but mostly it’s just our crew, and we fill in the gaps with secondary accounts. This ensures that everyone on the map is cool with a low star completion, and that we don’t end up as another lame duck map in the queue that nobody wants to join (8 day Cougarina, etc), but is technically open, and preventing people from seeing fresh maps. We also use the extra accounts to try and force a fresh map ourselves if possible, so we’re not being dead weight in a serious game.

    Honestly, it might not be a bad idea for people to coordinate on the forums and try to get together 8 player groups. I imagine it’s best for everyone if we could find a way to get people with similar map goals together.



    Clearly, I need to farm less and kill more. ^_^



    Thanks for the welcome :) This is my preferred ID, some day I may buck up and pay the money to change it. Generally speaking I can tell at this point and it’s never more than one or two people, so I don’t find it to be a big issue. It’s typically more of a “oh cool I’m next to Delha/Silverthorn/Clinton/Crisofer/etc. I may actually get the fifth star on this one…oh they’re farming…sad face” My playtime seems to be pretty solidly in between the hardcore group and new players, so I know that it comes with the territory of not being a member of a regular group. I played enough PUGs in WoW to know the story and I’ve made an alt for those maps where I just plain need another slot producing to complete in less than 5 days. I’ll be interested to see how it shakes out, I am actually finding myself more in a position where newer folks don’t check the little blinking speech bubble before signing off when I’m the only semi-experienced player in the map and we are a road and shoppe or two from completion.



    Hey Mischievoussoap… what’s your in-game id? Loki?

    Yeah… I’m in a similar situation as you, as I’m also not in a group. If i’m in a game and it doesn’t look like others are trying to hit a higher star rating, are mostly new people, or if i’ve joined a game late, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is getting anywhere, then i’ll take it easy and start farming.

    If I find that there are others who are trying or willing to get a higher-star rating, then I’ll go that route. If you see me online, just send me a note. ^_^



    @Mischevioussaop: Preventing the scenario you described is pretty much exactly why we farm the way we do. If there’s someone hoping to 5 star a map and we’re durdling around making Stew Barrels for three or four days, that means we’re just taking up space and dragging down the people who actually want to rush. That said, long term farming is reaaaally boring, so I suspect that we’re going to be aiming to crush maps for at least a week or two. I know that I’m personally not in favor of spending another week sitting around waiting for drops.



    Crisofer – my in game ID is SoapyLoki.

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