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    In Ye Darke Lorde, our game state has currently reverted many hours – which is bad, we lost hours of play, and several major setups. Also, the timer on the stage did NOT revert. As a result, we’re pretty much out of the running for our star goal, which was what all 6 of us were going for. We’re low on cash, depressed at needing to redo, and of course it seems like the periodic server outages continue to kick us out of the game. =(

    Any chance that when you get the server issues resolved, you could restore our setups or at least lower the timer on our game, or even give us the rewards we missed out on?

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    I’m very sorry about this. The reversion was caused by a combination of some server slowness and a bug in our code that didn’t express symptoms when the servers were running at normal speed. We believe that the bug is now fixed, but unfortunately we won’t be able to undo the effects of the reversion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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