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    This seems to be a persistent bug as I have had it three times,
    First career path I am at lvl 13 and have married Maya, she was standing between the cellar hatch and the desk, when I nudge to interact she offers an equipment, however when I try not to accept the game freezes, no movement is possible and the equipment seems to be lost?

    I can bring up the window using x and teleport to the shrine, but I am not able to do anything after apart from restarting, which of course loses the progress.

    I have now move Maya and accepted the equipment this seems to have fixed the problem,


    Thanks for letting us know about the freeze! I’ve written it up in our bug list, and we’ll try to figure out what caused it. I’m glad that you were able to move forward with the game.

    Could you please follow the directions on this page and email with the number of the folder from Step 8? (We don’t need your save file since you’ve already gotten unstuck; we just need the number so we can see if we received any crash reports.)

    Also, in the future if a problem occurs, could you please follow the instructions on this page? . Those instructions will help you to send us your save file and some other information that will be helpful in reproducing and troubleshooting the problem. (Of course it’s also great if you can then figure out how to get around the problem–we don’t want you to be stuck forever–but, as far as enabling us to fix the problem, the most important thing is that we’re able to reproduce the problem on our computers/PS4’s.)



    Same issue through steam. Sent separate email to support addy.

    Game froze immediately after marriage when my wife moved into my house and offered a badge to more rewards/higher difficulty. I declined and froze immediately. Can only teleport to shrine, but cannot move.


    @joeblowglitch thanks for the save file! We were able to reproduce the problem and hope to have it fixed soon. (However, it probably won’t be in the upcoming patch–there are a number of more serious bugs that we want to get out the fixes for first.

    FYI, we currently believe that the freeze occurs if your spouse gives you an equippable charm and you choose NOT to equip it. The workaround is to always equip anything your spouse gives you. If you’d prefer not to use it, you can then walk into the room to the left and bump an empty spot on one of the long wooden tables. This will unequip a charm. Do this to unequip any charms you don’t want to use, then bump the charms you do want and choose to equip them again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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