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    Hi to everyone!

    Yesterday I started using this deck, based on gamble+covar:

    Economy: 2 harden, 2 gerren; 2 durant

    Attack: 2 covar, 2 flip, hale and raleigh, cliff

    Commander: my sad 2 heal 3 defence back, 1 arrow 1 defence front (usually I put my commander back to defend and/or heal my covar).

    After 3-4 turn my economy can offer different situation to attack: covar+hale, covar+ flip, cliff or raleigh + hale.

    When I guess enemies movement, I can use both flip to bring my deck on a huge damage: sometimes I put two gerren in front to complete my front row.

    What do you think? It’s 14 units, I played more or less 20 game, whereas my % of victories is around 60.

    I’m trying to empower my commander, giving him more arrow in front. Back row was soooooo useful at the moment.
    I have doubt on durant, and cliff…I still do not have the other gamble units (sigh!)

    Every suggestion will be really listen and appreciate!

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    I have a deck that’s similar to this, although I have no Covars and I eventually removed Flip. It worked really well with a spearhead + defense commander, and a raleigh behind him. He has a 3 Spearhead + 1 Defense front and a 5 Atk Squire, 3 Fireball back.
    If an opponent was playing predictably, I could match their numbers and pump up Flip. Otherwise I’d be working on economy.
    Illian was also really useful in my deck.



    No more suggestions?

    @joystickmonkey oh yeah, I remember your commander, great strategy!

    I have anew commander now but I don’t want to exp him ’till new update…:-)



    It’s a pretty good army, it just has a problems with non-standard match-ups + mountain/defense armies



    Here’s my Hedged Gamble deck. With Stucky’s Vanish at the top and a Flip, you have a chance to hit one of two lotteries with your opponent’s front row (either a 7 or a 6 if you have a full front row, or a 6 or a 5 with 6 units, etc.)

    Covars have proven to be too expensive for me to use (and too costly with Greed), so those got replaced with Andors and the Commander really early on). Crusher can, of course, also benefit nicely from any of the attack squires.

    I’ve also tried replacing one of the Flips with a second Stucky, and it works pretty well, but I generally like the early economy Flip provides and that he doesn’t vanish.

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