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    I have two cities that are pretty built up, but suddenly I’m told I’m invited by a friend (no idea who) so I now need to decided between:
    * abandoning a game, which means letting down the people I’ve been building with. I am feeding a tower in both cities, so I don’t know if this disrupts their progress, if
    * buying an heir. I already bought a starter pack, and honestly 20 bucks seems steep for a game of this type. Not sure why but 5 a city feels a bout right to me, and I don’t really see the value in the special goods. I feel really annoyed I’d have ot buy another heir and the pace of earning is too slow to think I’ll ever get there (I think you’d slow boat strategy is too slow.)

    The core leapday puzzle is so fun and lovely, but the pricing and social is rally wonky, enough to make me consider giving up in painful annoyance.

    Have you considered a social earning strategy, to help it go viral? Like if you invite a friend you both get a free heir for the first game you play together? That way it’s less spammy (we pay you to spam your friends!) and more like you are enabling playing together. :)

    Anyhow, I am really torn between my collaborators and the mysterious friend (if you told me who it was, i could say, I’ll be right there!)

    And I gave you the 20 because I love the game play, I still think the value is not set correctly.



    The interaction between heirs and invites is indeed a bit awkward. On my list as something to try to improve. Appreciate the comments.



    thanks for acknowledging it… the core game play is really fun. I just dropped another 20 as a cheerleading effort. ;)



    oh, and BTW, I didn’t know there was a time limit on acknowledging the invite (I’ve never invited anyone myself), so I got a new heir too late and missed playing with my friend (who ever it is).

    1) time limit is scarcity, you so want to show that to motivate my making a choice. (2 hours before your friend is gone)
    2) You should show a friends face, this creates social obligation and well as social warm fuzzies

    Finally, can you let me know what happens in i abandon my game? Am I letting down a team effort? Is my city still there, feeding others? Or is it ripped out? Which means everyone else has been set back. But if it’s left there, how is a game not ruined by someone who has blocked my progress then gives up? Adandoning a game seems socially impossible.




    On abandoning games: Nothing happens to your stuff. Fire towers you placed become “The World’s” fire towers and still need three votes to be torn down by the other players. Your flans will still do their rounds etc. Your palace will be freed up for someone else to join who will inherit all your buildings, gold etc.

    So abandoning a game will usually not hurt anyone.
    If you’ve just blocked stuff and given up, it will still not hurt everyone else more than if you’d just stopped logging on without abandoning, plus there’s the chance of someone new and active coming in, and everyone else can still vote down your abandoned towers if they’re in the way.



    So in a game I’m playing, a player build his land around the center tower blacking my ability to feed those towers (he hasn’t managed ot feed them yet either.) If he abandoned, wouldn’t that be a unwinnable game (unless the firetowers were voted off, but then what becomes of his abandoned machinery?)

    Also, if my tower contribute to the game win, do I still get rewarded if I’ve left? I have sunk costs here.

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    No it will not be an unwinable game, because other players will still be able to destroy your tower by voting them down (3 votes needed though). However even if your flan contribute to victory, as long as you have abandonned a game, you will not reveive any reward.

    Just a tip : if you plan to abndonned a game, let everything as it is (unless you are taking strategical territory, like near the boss), but before you leave, try to put as many gem you can on your border. They might be usefull for other players. :)



    When a tower is voted down, all machinery that was on that land becomes frozen. When someone else now towers this area, all the machinery disappears (the gold it cost will be refunded to the palace the machinery belonged to).

    As for not receiving a reward when abandoning even though you’ve contributed – leaving is leaving. You renounce ownership of all towers, machinery, and the palace you had in the game by leaving. If you want rewards for your investment, you’ll have to see the game through to the end. Personally I think that’s fair enough.

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