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    As with every place on the internet, there are people you meet that you really liked, and with who you want to stay in contact with. It is same with Leap day. And one thing that bothers me is I don’t see any simple, in-game way to add friends!

    So idea is to add a “Friend list”, that could also work as PM system, thus relieving the “Game chat” window, which is open to every player, from “spam”. By spam I mean chit-chatting, making plans about production and planning future trades. Of course, when you want all people in the game to know something, or when making big plans (for example producing hammers or shields, which requires more than 2 players), than you will use “Game chat”. But having 6 pairs of people making plans with their neighbors (yes, I know there are only up to 8 players per map, but sometimes 1 player makes trades with 2 players, without those 2 coming in contact) in one chat is really terrible. I mean you have 6 “personal” chats all in one place, and it is a mess!!
    So how about adding “Personal chat”, a chat for 2 players(and 2 only, and later you can add group chats or whatever).

    Now to adding people to friend list… It would be simple, you just open your “Friend list” and click “Add a new friend” and write his/her name there, or click on your new friend’s Palace, and click “Add friend”! Simple as that!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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