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    I’m Clinton in the game.

    Between one login and the next my palace has changed. Both palaces belong to Baron Clinton, my 2nd prince.
    Both are displayed as “You!” when I log in.

    One palace has dark terrain, I cannot place, and claims to belong to “Baron Clinton”.
    The other palace has light terrain, I can place, and claims to be “Your palace”.

    Earlier today, AldenB invited me to this Mr. Sophisto game. When I joined the game, I was not in the palace he had invited me to.
    Later, I followed a link in an email from Leap Day, and when I rejoined the game with my Baron I was in the palace he invited me to, adjacent to the palace I had previously occupied.

    My old palace:

    My new palace:

    Both “You!”s visible along the top of the sccreen:

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    Cake of Pain

    Well, that’s strange. Thanks for letting us know, I’ll take a look.



    Also may be relevant: I am told it is abnormal that my 2nd prince is a Baron and not a Princess.


    Cake of Pain

    That palace should now be open for other players.



    I was curious, so I asked AldenB for more details and reproduced it;

    I joined a game with my Prince,
    Invited by Email an email I control not associated with LeapDay.

    Closed the window, clicked the link on my email to play with me.
    Joined it as my Baron.

    I now have a Prince and a Baron in the same game.
    I can freely collaborate with myself and switch.

    log file:

    I’d guess, to reproduce exactly I should have rejoined as my Prince. But this way is more exploitable.

    Hope to help,


    Cake of Pain

    Thanks for the steps! We’ll get it fixed up.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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