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    Hi, y am a french player of road not taken (PS4 version) and y just want to know when the new free Maj comes to PS4? thank you in advance!


    Unfortunately your words “Maj” and “M.A.J” don’t make sense to me in English, so I’m not quite sure what you’re asking about. I’ll just tell you what I know and hopefully that will answer the question. If not, please try to ask it again using a different word. (If you want to simply write it in French, we’ll use Google Translate to try to figure it out.)

    We are currently early in the testing process for the next PS4 update. I don’t have a good estimate of when it will be ready, but it definitely won’t be ready in the next few days. When the update comes out, the plan is that it will include: 1) an easier Normal Mode; 2) the mode you are currently playing, which we’ve renamed as Hard Mode; and 3) a Timed Mode where you only have a few minutes to save all the kids. Modding (customizing the game files to create your own custom content) will not be coming to PS4; this is a Steam-only feature because it involves editing files that a computer can interpret but that the PS4 cannot.



    thank you for your answer. It is realy clear!

    Y am sorry I misspoke ^^’ in fact, I should say “update” instead “of maj”!.

    I can’t wait to test this updtate, I love your game ^^’

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    Great, I’m glad that helped!


    FYI, the PS4 update went live on 2014-12-15.

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