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    WOLF and FOX is the same.
    I do not know the means to dominate other factions in the deck like this.

    Commander is also strong. (Drain Commander is also strong.)
    Commander → HARDEN, CRAUN, RHYNE
    DOKEN → INO (Gold is pretty tough.)
    KEMP is versatile. (Gold is pretty tough.)

    Skeleton + INK Deck is not a countermeasure.
    I will win 80% in rush of other factions. (If opponent do not have a steal)
    Rampage: measures is simple.
    ○ ○ Pack: opponent is advantageous.

    Please tell me the deck to win in this by someone stable.



    I agree this deck is one of the best. i play rater the same but with wolves.
    the difference with fox, is that you win only 80%. with fox it was 99%

    the only way to counter this deck that i know:
    play something similar (ok its not a solution). by similar i mean wood+kemp
    Or an other OP deck like crystal shadebeast, barbarians,…

    With gold a very fast payne (or 2…) can sometimes stabilize.
    with crystal steal + heal can also sometimes slow the rush enough.
    But it depends deeply on units setting and luck against wound. if kemp hit each time you can do nothing.

    It’s not really the subject but it doesnt really matter for me that this deck has so good stats. I mean, i have played fox for a while and now a deck similar to this one. i have win a lot. But i begin to be sick of that. alright i can reach the 85000 goal with zero defeat !! but i loose the fun the game was for me at the beginning.
    i only play 1/10 match when something interesting happens…

    So now I play this one:

    Made with only one commander booster+ one crystal booster XD (and one crafted unit + one gain on goal unit)
    I got now a 1/3 win. But it’s a pleasure to play 9/10 times (only 9 because the 10th you go against a stupid kemp deck and loose on turn 2 ;) )

    Like i have read the first time i come in this forum “how to be a jerk”, i think even with years of development to balance the game it will be always jerk decks…
    So i think the problem can be solved by players. Play a fun deck and have fun !
    and go for invite match to play jerk vs jerk !!
    It’s just my opinion and i am totally aware that not everybody will do that. It’s not a “good” way to play, but im sur it’s a fun way :)
    I wrote that because i have seen many times people that i know have rather all the cards (or tons of ultra rare), playing different and fun decks.
    And trust me, when i play groff on turn 2 vs kemp it just make my day!! :)

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    >how to be a jerk

    > i play groff on turn 2 vs kemp

    Made my day ;D

    As for the dog rush, I’ve beaten variations without the Dokken fairly easily with 1 Arthur knights. I havn’t really played against this type of army with a Dokken yet so………yeah.

    Doesn’t help that I have 0 Gerrens :(



    > Onclet0m
    Thank you.

    Personal opinion


    I want him to Easier-to-use front (Currently: Weaker than Commander)



    I am mentally unstable.
    I might have been misunderstood them.
    I am sorry.

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